Rockwall Rental in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha and Wisconsin - Inflatable Rock Wall Rental

Renting an Inflatable Rock Wall in Milwaukee and Madison

Inflatable rock climbing walls are the ultimate party essentials. Soft, bouncy and colorful, these accessories will get everyone at your event talking. The goal is simple: climb to the top of the wall as quick as you can, and don't let the artificial rock formations slow you down. Here are some tips when hiring an inflatable climbing tower for a forthcoming event in Milwaukee or Madison.

1. Book Ahead

Inflatable rock climbing walls provide you with a great outdoor party activity. If you want your party guests to scale one of these mini structures at your next event, book ahead. Many people in the Milwaukee and Madison area rent inflatables during the summer months when temperatures soar. Contact a hire company several weeks before your event to avoid disappointment. You can also hire a bouncy house or inflatable obstacle course for your event.

2. Stay Safe

Inflatable climbing towers don't pose the same dangers as natural rock formations. However, care should be taken, especially if children use this accessory. Willie Fun Events, a full-service rental company in Franklin, has attendants that help your guests ascend to the top of a climbing wall. This provides you with the peace of mind you need if you are planning a big event. Nearly everything's included with Willie Fun Events' climbing tower, including real rock grips. Just two power circuits are required.

3. Organize a Competition

Hosting a rock climbing competition can make your next event more fun. Why not award a small prize to the person who scales an inflatable rock climbing wall in the fastest time? Alternatively, split guests up into small teams, and give out a prize when every member of a group climbs an inflatable wall. You could even raise money for charity. Ask your guests to donate money to a good cause if teams complete a rock climbing challenge.

These inflatables bring all the benefits of rock climbing to your backyard. Just don't forget to book ahead and stay safe! For more information about inflatable rock climbing walls, click here.