Milwaukee Marquee Letter Rental

Marquee Letter photo props are perfect for your wedding reception

If planning a wedding or reception, consider some photogenic and unique props for photos opportunities, like tall, metal marquee letters. These create memorable moments and lasting photos that convey the fun and laughter of a special day, while allowing for personalization and customization for a very distinct message. Beyond décor, these letters help to create a mood and atmosphere in any venue.

Some reasons to use marquee letters for a wedding or event include:

A Photo Moment

For a magical photo moment, look at Marquee letter rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin; these three-feet tall vintage-style letters create an amazing backdrop for the event. Talk to a Milwaukee Party Rental about distinct letters and messages available. Ask about lighted letters for even-more amazing displays at your wedding event.


Another reason to use these rentable marquee letters is the ability to personalize a message or monogram to suit the occasion. From showers and engagements to the ceremony or reception, imagine being able to choose letters, words, or even phrases to capture the essence of the event.


Who doesn't love the whimsy of these three-feet tall letters? Adults will feel like kids again when taking pictures or lounging near the marquee, while children will be in awe. The photos will have a fun flair that is not easily achieved through formal photo sessions or typical back-drops. These marquee letters are more than wedding props: they are a lot of fun!


The beauty of renting wedding and party items is the ease and convenience, and this is also the case for these large metal marquee letters. Allow the part rental agent to arrange for drop-off and pick-up so that the focus can be on other elements of the wedding.

Bring something different and a bit inventive to your wedding album with cool marquee letter rentals. Whether using these letters for the engagement pictures, wedding announcements, reception photos, or a fun feature for a party, be creative. Talk to a party rental professional to learn more.

Need to rent your marquee letters for your wedding or event? Talk to the professionals at Milwaukee Party Rental; arrange delivery directly to your venue, and pick-up service, too.

Milwaukee, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Madison, and Brookfield Wisconsin Marquee Letter Rentals.

Milwaukee, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Madison, and Brookfield Wisconsin Marquee Letter Rentals.