Milwaukee Mechanical Bull Rental - Wisconsin Mechanical Bull Rental

When planning a party, wedding, or other event, it always helps to have great sources of entertainment for your guests. Sometimes the best ways to entertain them also end up being the most surprising and unique ways to grab their attention, like an inflatable concept that creates a new spin on rides that are old favorites. Willie Fun Events is the right choice for anyone getting ready to host an event and impress their guests with the experience of a lifetime in the Milwaukee area.

The inflatable mechanical bull

A classic attraction at a number of bars, amusement parks, and parties is the mechanical bull. A unique spin on this concept is an inflatable bull and surrounding pen area that makes it into a fun time for guests of all ages. The entire enclosure is a 16 foot by 16 foot square, reaching 8 feet of height at its tallest points. The bull is also dressed in real cowhide and has a smoke snorting effect that comes from its nose. Because this is an inflatable, the surface area is soft and allows riders to bounce when they get thrown off the bull.

This attraction is a favorite for guests to take their own pictures and videos to post on social media showing their experience and see who can stay on the longest without losing their grip.

Rental of this item includes an operator to control the bull while the guests ride and a power source is required because of the machinery.

Convenient booking

The entire package is included with all rentals such as setup, disassembly, and delivery, along with power generators and an attendant to serve guests when necessary. This means that you can contact Willie Fun Events and not have to worry about any additional planning steps after the item is booked.

Get help planning your event today

Willie Fun Events offers a number of different inflatables and other options like bounce house rental and search lighting to help create a fun atmosphere for your next event. Feel free to get in touch for all of your party needs in Milwaukee and surrounding parts of Wisconsin.

Milwaukee mechanical bull rental, Wisconsin mechanical bull rental

Milwaukee mechanical bull rental, Wisconsin mechanical bull rental