Large Drum Barn Fan Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Large Fan in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

If you want to impress your guests and keep them cool at your next event, a large fan will come in handy in a warm climate. Here are some tips and tricks to incorporate a large barn or drum fan in your next event in Milwaukee and other popular places in Wisconsin.

Mobilize Your Barn Fan

When you're hosting a summer barnyard wedding or a wedding event in a barn that has hot temperatures year-round, it's essential to come up with a plan to keep guests cool. Ward off stifling heat and help your guests stay comfortable during your barnyard wedding with the help of a large barn fan. If your guests are moving from one section of the barn to another for your reception and ceremony, consider mobilizing your barn fan by getting a large barn fan on wheels. This makes it easier to move the fan from one location to the next while keeping your costs down from needing extra fans.

Rent a Drum Fan to Keep Tent Events Comfortable

Keeping a tented corporate or wedding event with 50 or more people cool calls for more than a hand fan. Instead of giving your attendees extra work to stay cool help them along the way and rent a drum fan to cool off guests and keep them comfortable. You also don't have to worry about loud drum fans either. That's because modern drum fans often have quieter motors and are less noisier than earlier models. So, look for a large drum fan rental that keeps your tent cool without drowning out the sound of your presenters speaking at your event.

Place the Drum Fan in High-Traffic Areas

Whether you'll have a bar at your next outdoor corporate event or a DIY ice-cream station, it's crucial to place your drum fans in the right location. The ideal spot for large drum fans is often high-traffic areas where most of your event attendees will likely hang. So, consider strategically placing your drum fan near places where people will network, eat or gather in large, confined spaces to help cool down the crowd.

Final Thoughts

Whether its an outdoor corporate event you're hosting or a barn wedding, having a way to cool your event attendees or guests is crucial to enhancing the experience of your event. Large drum and barn fans make this job easy, but it's vital to find a good supplier. The good news is you don't have to look too far to find a large barn fan for your next Milwaukee event when you use Willie Fun Events. As a full service greater Milwaukee party rental company, Willie Fun Events offers a wide selection of party rental items, including large drum fans.

Large Drum Fan rental in Brookfield, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and Wisconsin

Large Drum Fan rental in Brookfield, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and Wisconsin

PA System Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

PA System Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

When you want to stay within your wedding or event budget, sometimes getting your own gear like a public address (PA) system can help you reach your goal. In fact, scratching the DJ from your wedding or event budget and opting to DIY with a PA system rental can help you save a ton of money. But it's important to know how to get the most out of your PA system rental if you want your guests to hear you and your performers or host. Here are some tips to turn your Wisconsin wedding or event into a memorable experience with a professional PA system rental:

1. Consider the Location of Your Event to Determine Your Speaker Size

A professional PA system is essential for overcoming noise when you're hosting your event outdoors. So, it's vital to consider the location of your event when you're choosing your PA system rental. If you're hosting an outdoor wedding, then you'll need a sound system that's loud enough to overcome the sounds of water from a fountain, chirping birds, cars passing by or any other ambient noise that can drown out the voices of you or your performers. In this case, you'll want to get a PA system rental with speakers large enough to provide ample sound for your outdoor event.

2. Position Your PA System Rental Perfectly

The ideal position for most PA systems is at the guests' ear level so guests can hear you better. But make sure your speakers aren't directly behind the person using the microphone so you can avoid a feedback loop. Also, think about your guests' height and seating level when you position your PA system. If you're hosting a kid's birthday party or if your event is a small sit-down dinner in a meeting room, then you won't need to place your PA system rental's speakers as high up as you would for adults standing for guests to hear.

3. Make Your Event Memorable With Sound Effects

Consider using sound effects to add an element of excitement to your event by using a PA system rental with a mixing console. Mixing consoles make it easy to plug in microphones you may use for your event. You can add in sound effects that are pre-recorded by plugging the input from a CD player or smartphones, such as theme music or laughter from a studio audience for a light-hearted wedding reception filled with jokes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're performing a solo DJ performance at your outdoor wedding or hosting a birthday party, a PA system helps provide great sound quality. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a professional PA system for a one-time event, either when you get a PA system in Milwaukee from Willie Fun Events. Willie Fun Events offers a wide selection of party rental services, including PA system rentals.

Milwaukee PA system rental, Brookfield Wisconsin PA system rentals, Wisconsin PA system rental

Milwaukee PA system rental, Brookfield Wisconsin PA system rentals, Wisconsin PA system rental

TV Monitor Rental on Rolling Stand in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

TV Monitor Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Finding the right display monitor is crucial if you want to grab the attention of your audience at a corporate event or a private meeting. With the right display monitor, you can show the results of your business report or showcase a new product with ease. But you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a display monitor you plan to use sparingly when you use a TV monitor rental. Discover how you can use TV monitors for your next corporate or private event:

1. Show Your Work at a Trade Show

TV monitor rentals make it simple to showcase the details of products you are displaying at a local trade show in Wisconsin. You can also use TV monitors to display your brand's logo so that prospects can see it from afar. When you use TV monitor rentals on rolling stands, you can also move them around with ease. That makes a huge difference when you're working with only a few employees to help you with the trade show, too.

2. Give a Presentation at Masterclass

Boost your students' experiences at the next masterclass or workshop you host with the help of a TV monitor. A rolling TV monitor is convenient to move around even in a small venue. Showcase the results of a study or provide your guests with an additional way to view a stunning video presentation when you use a TV monitor rental.

3. Add a "Surprise" Guest to a Private Meetup

The next time you host a live private meetup like a book club meeting or a group business coaching session, "wow" your guests with a surprise guest. The great part is that your guest can "attend" your event via a TV monitor. You can set it up similar to a telepresence device with a rolling stand so your surprise guest can attend the private meetup remotely. A rolling stand also makes it easy to mimic movement as if your surprise guest was in the room with your attendees.

Final Thoughts

When you need a TV monitor rental for your Milwaukee conference or private Wisconsin-based event, you can count on Willie Fun Events. You can find TV monitors in a variety of sizes on rolling stands right at Willie Fun Events. From a 32-inch TV monitor rental to a 46-inch TV monitor rental with rolling stands, Willie Fun Events provides a wide selection of TV monitor rental options to accommodate your next corporate or private event.

TV monitor rental in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha, and Madison, Wisconsin.

TV monitor rental in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha, and Madison, Wisconsin.

Brookfield, Wisconsin Bounce House and Inflatable Rentals - Brookfield Party Rental

How to Find the Perfect Bounce House or Inflatable for Your Event

From birthday parties to corporate events, a bounce house or other inflatable can take the party to the next level. While many believe that only kids enjoy bounce houses and inflatables, adults too still have the time of their lives with these products. From bouncing around with your friends to sliding down fun slides, these inflatables can make memories that can last a lifetime. But while there are many inflatables that can bring excitement to any event, it's difficult to choose the right one. With so many options and price points to consider, the whole process can be daunting. In this post, we'll provide a few tips on how to find the perfect inflatable for your next event.

What's the Event?

The first step to finding the perfect inflatable involves thinking about the event. Is this a corporate gathering? Is it a birthday party for young children? Thinking about the type of event not only helps you decide on what inflatable to rent, but it also helps determine the size you need.

Consider the Age Group

Will there only be adults using the bounce house? Will teenagers and young children be using it? The next step to finding the perfect rental involves thinking about the age group. If a wide variety of ages will be using the inflatable, you should consider renting one suitable for all ages. If primarily young children will be using it, consider an inflatable that's smaller and more kid-friendly.

Think About the Space You'll Have

The last thing you'll want to happen is to rent a bounce house that doesn't fit in your backyard. That being said, the next step to consider is the amount of space you'll have for the inflatable. Will the event be in a big, open space with tons of room? Does the inflatable have to fit in your small backyard? Thinking about the space will help you determine the perfect inflatable for your event.

Choose the Right Company

Especially if you're new to renting inflatables, it can be hard to choose the right company. That being said, it's vital to do your research before renting. Be sure to ask your friends and family, and check online reviews to help find the best company for the job.

Transform Your Party with Willie Fun Events!

From mechanical bulls to inflatable rock climbing walls, Willie Fun Events has tons of incredible inflatables to choose from. We're conveniently located in Franklin, Wisconsin, and all of our rentals include delivery, setup, and pickup. Given our wide selection of different inflatables, we have the perfect solution for any event you have in mind. Call us today or visit us online to request a quote!

Brookfield Party Rental, Brookfield Wisconsin Bounce House Rental and Inflatables

Brookfield Party Rental, Brookfield Wisconsin Bounce House Rental and Inflatables

Milwaukee Snow Cone Cart Rental - Snow Cone Machine Rental, Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Milwaukee Snow Cone Cart Rental

If you're planning a party of any kind, you should be thinking about party rentals that will enhance your celebration. Fortunately, there are plenty of rentals available to you in the Milwaukee area, since Willie Fun Events offers everything from popcorn carts to cotton candy machines. We even offer a snow cone cart, which includes the snow cone machine, insulated ice chest, an umbrella and a rolling base to make it easy to move. If you think a snow cone cart could add a lot of fun to your Milwaukee event, here's a look at everything you need to know before you schedule this rental.

When Should You Get a Snow Cone Cart Rental?

First, before you decide if you need a snow cone cart, think about what kind of event you're planning. Would a snow cone cart rental make it better? In most cases, the answer is yes, since everyone likes snow cones! Granted, the best time to rent a snow cone cart is when the party is outside and it's going to be warm, since snow cones are great for cooling down your guests.

Additionally, if there will be lots of kids present, snow cones are a great idea, making a rental of this kind best for kids' birthday parties, graduation parties and other kid-friendly events. But even if you're having an event for adults, renting a snow cone cart is a good idea to help cool everyone off on a warm Milwaukee summer day. So when should you rent a snow cone cart? Just about any event is a good excuse for this kind of rental!

What Other Rentals Should You Get?

If you're throwing a party and renting a snow cone cart, you might want to consider other rentals, as well. So what goes well with a snow cone cart? Well, if it's hot outside, you'll need cold drink storage, such as a large cooler or beverage dispenser. If you want to serve ice cream in addition to snow cones, you'll need a soft serve ice cream machine. And if you want to make the snow cones dessert, be sure to serve other food first, such as hot dogs or nachos, which means you'll need to rent carts for serving those.

You can also rent other party necessities from Willie Fun Events. From tables and chairs to bounce houses and red carpets, we have everything you need for your next party in Wisconsin! Contact us today to schedule your party rental.

Brookfield Wisconsin and Milwaukee Wisconsin Snow Cone cart and machine rental

Brookfield Wisconsin and Milwaukee Wisconsin Snow Cone cart and machine rental

Milwaukee Stage Rental - Portable Stage Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Stage Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Planning for important events like your wedding or a corporate seminar often requires a stage to highlight hosts, performers or presenters. But not all venues have their own stages or even ones you may like. The great news is that you can get creative and take advantage of portable stage rentals to get the stage you want. Here are a few ideas for renting a portable stage for your next corporate event or wedding:

Place Performers on Portable Staging for Your Outdoor Wedding

If you're throwing a backyard wedding or garden wedding and plan to showcase performances, then it's important to have an elevated setting where your guests can view the performers. A stage helps keep your guests from tripping on equipment wires and turns an ordinary wedding performance into a dynamic show. Portable stages can help you achieve these goals. For instance, you can quickly have professionals assemble a stage in the center of an oversized backyard so that both standing and seated guests can see your wedding singer or band effectively.

"Prop Up" Presenters Using Portable Staging for Your Corporate Event

As corporate events continue to be effective marketing channels and unforgettable events, it's important to present your guests in an attention-grabbing way starting with your stage. If you're hosting a corporate event at your local park or stage-less venue, then a portable stage can come in handy. A portable stage is lightweight and easy to maneuver, so it helps cut down on breakdown time and won't require an entire crew to move. You also can help grab your audience's attention by having space for your presenters to speak on important topics when you use a portable stage.

Extend Your Current Stage Floor Plan

Even if you have a stage at your venue, sometimes the stage's floor plan isn't what you want. But you can get creative by using a portable stage to extend your current stage's floor plan. For instance, you can add two portable stages to lengthen the stage at your next corporate event and host a panel of speakers.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're featuring a band for your wedding or a presentation for your corporate event, it's important to have a strategy to make your event a success. Luckily, portable stage rentals help you pull off a successful event, and you can find it right in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and its surrounding areas from party rental experts, such as Willie Fun Events. Will Fun Events features stage platform rentals you can take advantage of for your wedding and corporate events in Milwaukee and beyond.

Milwaukee Portable Stage Rental , Madison Wisconsin stage rental

Milwaukee Portable Stage Rental , Madison Wisconsin stage rental

Milwaukee Mechanical Bull Rental - Wisconsin Mechanical Bull Rental

When planning a party, wedding, or other event, it always helps to have great sources of entertainment for your guests. Sometimes the best ways to entertain them also end up being the most surprising and unique ways to grab their attention, like an inflatable concept that creates a new spin on rides that are old favorites. Willie Fun Events is the right choice for anyone getting ready to host an event and impress their guests with the experience of a lifetime in the Milwaukee area.

The inflatable mechanical bull

A classic attraction at a number of bars, amusement parks, and parties is the mechanical bull. A unique spin on this concept is an inflatable bull and surrounding pen area that makes it into a fun time for guests of all ages. The entire enclosure is a 16 foot by 16 foot square, reaching 8 feet of height at its tallest points. The bull is also dressed in real cowhide and has a smoke snorting effect that comes from its nose. Because this is an inflatable, the surface area is soft and allows riders to bounce when they get thrown off the bull.

This attraction is a favorite for guests to take their own pictures and videos to post on social media showing their experience and see who can stay on the longest without losing their grip.

Rental of this item includes an operator to control the bull while the guests ride and a power source is required because of the machinery.

Convenient booking

The entire package is included with all rentals such as setup, disassembly, and delivery, along with power generators and an attendant to serve guests when necessary. This means that you can contact Willie Fun Events and not have to worry about any additional planning steps after the item is booked.

Get help planning your event today

Willie Fun Events offers a number of different inflatables and other options like bounce house rental and search lighting to help create a fun atmosphere for your next event. Feel free to get in touch for all of your party needs in Milwaukee and surrounding parts of Wisconsin.

Milwaukee mechanical bull rental, Wisconsin mechanical bull rental

Milwaukee mechanical bull rental, Wisconsin mechanical bull rental

Carnival Tent Bounce House Rental in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, and Wisconsin

Renting a Carnival Tent Bounce House in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Add fun and wonder to your next event by renting a carnival tent bounce house. Willie Fun Events serves all of southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Fox Point, Elm Grove, and Waukesha. When you want a reliable company that can set up a bounce house quickly and safely, you can trust Willie Fun Events to do the job right.

Wisconsin Events for a Carnival Tent Bounce House

Carnival tent bounce houses can fit into practically any type of fun event, especially those that include children. Some people rent bounce houses for:

•          Birthday celebrations

•          Campus orientations

•          Community carnivals

•          Church groups

•          Spring festivals

•          Sports games

You can even use a carnival tent bounce house to entertain people at corporate events. When you introduce a bounce house to the event, everyone gets a chance to have more fun.

Carnival Tent Bounce Houses for Small and Large Events

Carnival tent bounce houses are appropriate for events of all sizes. You can rent one for a backyard birthday party. Everyone will get a turn to jump in the bounce house.

You can also rent carnival tent bounce houses for larger events, such as music festivals and city carnivals.

Regardless of your Milwaukee and Wisconsin event's size, Willie Fun Events has an option that you will love.

Rent a Carnival Tent Bounce House From Willie Fun Events

Willie Fun Events has a variety of carnival-themed bounce houses that offer hours of fun. Learn more about your bounce house options and request a quote by visiting the Willie Fun Events website. You won't believe how affordable it is to rent a bounce house for your next event.

Your bounce house rental includes all of the services you need, including delivery, setup, and pickup. Willie Fun Events can even provide a generator for events in parks and other areas that don't have access to power. No matter where you hold your party, Willie Fun Events will make sure that you get to enjoy your inflatable bounce house.

Let the professionals handle the work while you enjoy the company of friends, family, or coworkers.

Carnival tent bounce house rental in Mequon, Cedarburg, Fox Point, and Bayside Wisconsin

Carnival tent bounce house rental in Mequon, Cedarburg, Fox Point, and Bayside Wisconsin

Ferris Wheel Carnival Combo Inflatable Rental in Milwaukee, Mequon, and Waukesha Wisconsin

Come one, come all! Step right up and prepare to be amazed by this giant Ferris Wheel Combo. Towering over 17 feet tall, this colorful and bright 5-in-1 combo will grasp the attention of everyone at the party. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a ferris wheel at your party, but don’t have the budget the the real thing, we’re offering you a perfect solution.


Carnival and circus themed parties are the hottest trend this summer. Our Ferris Wheel Combo will be the focal piece to any carnival themed event, corporate event, barbeque, summer picnic or backyard party. If you’re looking for a full blown carnival or circus vibe, pair it with one of our carnival games like our ring toss, or clown toss, add on a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, and a balloon artist.


At night, the front of our Ferris Wheel Combo lights up, giving your party the perfect grand finale. This unit has it all, lights, a slide, pop-ups, a climbing area, and a large bounce area.  Every party deserves a ferris wheel, and this is your chance to have one! Contact us today for booking information.

Ferris Wheel combo inflatable in Milwaukee, Madison, Greenfield, Hales Corners, and Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Ferris Wheel combo inflatable in Milwaukee, Madison, Greenfield, Hales Corners, and Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Ice Cream Cart Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Ice Cream Cart Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting an ice cream cart for your next party or event is a great way to enhance the fun. These cart rentals provide you with a sweet addition for any party. There are several sizes of carts to choose from, allowing you to select the option that best fits your get-together. Even better, we can deliver it directly to you, saving you the hassle of having to find a way to get the cart from point A to point B.

What Type of Events are Ice Cream Carts Right For?

We believe that renting an ice cream cart is right for any event - inside or outside, big or small. It's a great addition to a kid's birthday party, your wedding, or even a corporate event. You can even rent a cart just to treat everyone in your neighborhood on a hot summer's day. The options are endless and it's an affordable way to spread the smiles that only ice cream can deliver.

Accessories Offered with Our Ice Cream Cart Rental

We make sure you have everything you need with your ice cream cart rental. You will have the refrigerated cart that keeps everything frozen, as well as an overhead umbrella to keep you cool while you dish out the treats. All of our carts are designed to be easy to move, regardless of how much ice cream you put inside. You will find that you have all the serving equipment needed, just make sure to get your own ice cream and cones.

What to Know About Ice Cream Cart Rentals?

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get the ice cream cart rental you want for your upcoming party or event. If you want any special considerations, it's a good idea to contact us via email or by phone and we can discuss your needs.

Keep in mind, in addition to fun and frozen ice cream cart rentals, our Milwaukee party rental company provides any and everything else your party or event may need. You can rent our bounce houses, tables and chairs, tents, and more. Also, the more you bundle, the more you save. Let us help ensure your next event is a success with our rental services. You and your guests will be sure to love the sweet treats of our ice cream carts, and the cool prices we offer on all our rentals.

Milwaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin, Racine, Madison, and Wisconsin Ice Cream Cart Rental

Milwaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin, Racine, Madison, and Wisconsin Ice Cream Cart Rental

Milwaukee Unicorn Bounce House Rental - Brookfield Unicorn Combo Inflatable Rental Wisconsin

Unicorns are SO in right now!

It seems like everywhere you look there is something with a unicorn on it, cereals, shirts, headbands, bumper stickers, and now bounce houses. The popularity of unicorns is on the rise, and we’re getting in on the action. When you’re throwing a party you want to impress your guests with something they’ve never seen before...and how often have you seen giant unicorn inflatables? Exactly. We’re now offering a unicorn bounce house, as well as a unicorn combo-- how magical is that? Unicorn inflatables are sensational ways to add mystical entertainment and bright, impressive decor to your party, without going over budget.


More than a bounce house, rent a Unicorn Combo

The magic of unicorns has lives in the mind of adults and children, and now you can bring this fantasy to life in your backyard. Our basic option is the unicorn bounce house, featuring a large jumping area and  a sparkling giant pink unicorn with rainbow wings and a tail. Looking to go above and beyond for your guests? Our unicorn combo will bring the magic to life; features include a basketball hoop, a large jumping area, and a slide. Have both the unicorn bounce house and the unicorn combo at your event for the ultimate, magical unicorn experience.

Book early for your party

If you’re ready for an event that leaves your guests feeling like sunshine and rainbows, book with us today! Both the unicorn combo and the unicorn bounce house are sure to impress adults and captivate children all day long. Give your guests an event full of wonder, add on our pink cotton candy cart, to make adorable pink clouds that your guests can eat! We’re looking forward to helping you make your event into what dreams are made of. Contact us today to book and for more information.

Milwaukee, Madison, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Mequon, Cedarburg, Fox Point, Bayside, Muskego Unicorn Bounce House Combo Rental

Milwaukee, Madison, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Mequon, Cedarburg, Fox Point, Bayside, Muskego Unicorn Bounce House Combo Rental

Milwaukee Marquee Letter Rental

Marquee Letter photo props are perfect for your wedding reception

If planning a wedding or reception, consider some photogenic and unique props for photos opportunities, like tall, metal marquee letters. These create memorable moments and lasting photos that convey the fun and laughter of a special day, while allowing for personalization and customization for a very distinct message. Beyond décor, these letters help to create a mood and atmosphere in any venue.

Some reasons to use marquee letters for a wedding or event include:

A Photo Moment

For a magical photo moment, look at Marquee letter rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin; these three-feet tall vintage-style letters create an amazing backdrop for the event. Talk to a Milwaukee Party Rental about distinct letters and messages available. Ask about lighted letters for even-more amazing displays at your wedding event.


Another reason to use these rentable marquee letters is the ability to personalize a message or monogram to suit the occasion. From showers and engagements to the ceremony or reception, imagine being able to choose letters, words, or even phrases to capture the essence of the event.


Who doesn't love the whimsy of these three-feet tall letters? Adults will feel like kids again when taking pictures or lounging near the marquee, while children will be in awe. The photos will have a fun flair that is not easily achieved through formal photo sessions or typical back-drops. These marquee letters are more than wedding props: they are a lot of fun!


The beauty of renting wedding and party items is the ease and convenience, and this is also the case for these large metal marquee letters. Allow the part rental agent to arrange for drop-off and pick-up so that the focus can be on other elements of the wedding.

Bring something different and a bit inventive to your wedding album with cool marquee letter rentals. Whether using these letters for the engagement pictures, wedding announcements, reception photos, or a fun feature for a party, be creative. Talk to a party rental professional to learn more.

Need to rent your marquee letters for your wedding or event? Talk to the professionals at Milwaukee Party Rental; arrange delivery directly to your venue, and pick-up service, too.

Milwaukee, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Madison, and Brookfield Wisconsin Marquee Letter Rentals.

Milwaukee, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Madison, and Brookfield Wisconsin Marquee Letter Rentals.

Milwaukee Party Rental for the Democratic National Convention (DNC), July 13 to 16, 2020 Wisconsin

The date and place for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) have been set. It will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 13th to the 16th. The primary goal of the DNC is to unify the Democratic party, as well as nominate a president and vice president. What better way to bring those in a political party together than a party?

Milwaukee Itself

Of course, with any event, weather needs to be taken into consideration. Milwaukee, a city on the shores of Lake Michigan, has an average sunshine percentage of 67.74% in July, with an average of 10 clear days, 11 partly cloudy days, and 10 cloudy days. The average high in July is 70F and the city of 1.57 million people sees rain on an average of 7 days in that month.

Shelter and Cooling Supplies

For any party held outdoors, whether it is a wedding, the DNC, or any other event, there needs to be some sort of shelter for people seeking to get out of the sun and the heat. Luckily, there are tent rentals. With Willie Fun Events, tent rentals include delivery, setup, and takedown. There is a variety of tents available, from pole tents to tension tents, for larger events.

To help keep your party goers cool, there are two types of fans available for rental as well.


Whether held indoors or outdoors, decorations are a must for any party. For more formal events, a red carpet can be rented, as well as podiums. The podium would be a great addition for any speeches held during formal events like a presidential nomination. If needed, stage platforms are available for rent as well, for a better viewing experience of the speakers on behalf of those in the crowds.

Non-Concession Supplies

When people think of events, they naturally ask what sort of food and beverages are going to be served. One thing they don't ask if there will be any chairs to sit upon, or any tables to rest their food and beverages. We've got that covered too! From folding chairs to high chairs, beanbag chairs, to even lounge chairs and couches. Even 8' banquet tables, farm tables, and linen rentals.

Concession rentals

When it comes to parties, one of the things that makes the gathering a great one is the food. Nobody wants to deal with cranky, hungry and thirsty guests, so the best solution is to provide both food and drink!

For your concessions and catering needs the following are available for rent:

•          Snow cone machine

•          Popcorn machine

•          Popcorn Carts

•          Soft Serve ice cream machine

•          Grills

•          Coffee machines

•          Beverage dispensers

•          Refrigerators

•          So much more!


Once your guests have been fed, they are looking to have some fun. What better way to have fun than by having fun with:

•          A confetti machine

•          Foam machine

•          Snow Machine

•          Bubble machine

•          Petting zoo rental

•          Carnival Rides

Inflatables such as:

•          Inflatable obstacle course

•          Themed bounce houses

•          Zorb hamster ball

•          Slip-n-Slides

There are even giant movies screens and DJs available for rent and who can forget other fun games such as:

•          Lifesize checkers

•          Foosball table rental

•          Ping pong table rentals

•          Dunk tanks rental

And so much more imaginable.

When it comes to parties, either large or small, and don't want to drive all over the city for all of your Milwaukee party rental needs, there is only one place in the city who has it all. If you are ever in the mood for skylights and searchlights to rent for your party? We have those too.

Milwaukee Party and Event rental for the Democratic National Convention July 13-16, 2020.

Milwaukee Party and Event rental for the Democratic National Convention July 13-16, 2020.

Cotton Candy Rental, Cotton Candy Cart Rental in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Elm Grove, and Wisconsin

Cotton Candy Machine and Cart Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

If you will be hosting a festive event in Milwaukee or Wisconsin soon, such as a party, wedding reception, or other gatherings where people of all ages will be present, consider renting a cotton candy machine and cart. No one seems to be able to resist this feathery-light confection! It will have your guests reminiscing about their childhoods and the excitement at the county fair, or you can use it as a way to make new and cherished memories!

Operating the Machine

Don't be surprised when you find -- not only kids -- but also grandparents and other adults lining up to eat some of the cotton candy from your rental. It's so simple to use the machine that you can enlist the aid of a responsible teen or any fun-loving adult to serve the party attendees. Just plug the machine in, pour in the sugar mixture, wait for the machine to heat to the proper temperature and then serve the floss on a paper cone or stuffed into a plastic bag. Few party-goer can resist taking a bite of this incredible sweet goodness!

Times when a Cotton Candy Machine Will Add Pizazz to Your Party

A cotton candy machine and cart rental are perfect for any time when you will be hosting a group of people who are all different ages. If a wedding reception is casual and the bride and groom have a plethora of nieces, nephews, and young cousins attending, the cotton candy machine will be the hit of the party.

The cotton machine will also be a big success at outdoor events, such as a company picnic for all the employees and their families, or a family reunion held under a large pavilion. The only requirements for the cotton candy machine and cart are an electrical outlet and a level piece of ground for it to sit on.

This type of concession is also fun at birthday parties, pool parties, or when you host your friends for an outdoor barbeque or other casual get-togethers.

Cotton candy is a light and tasty treat that adds a festive and fun ambiance to all your events. It's a dessert that almost everyone enjoys and as host of the party, you will delight in the giggles that erupt when your party attendees spot the machine!

Milwaukee Cotton Candy Machine Rental. Brookfield, Elm Grove, Waukesha, Muskego, and Greenfield Wisconsin

Milwaukee Cotton Candy Machine Rental. Brookfield, Elm Grove, Waukesha, Muskego, and Greenfield Wisconsin

Classic Arcade Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Arcade Game Rentals in Millwaukee, Wisconsin

The 80’s were all about big hair, dance music, and of course, classic arcade games. The era of video games erupted and turned into a pop culture phenomenon. Pac-man and Space Invaders quickly became crowd favorites because of their bright colors and the ability to be played by all. Today, you can bring the thrill of these classic arcade games to your own event. The latest trend in corporate events and parties is having that fun, retro, exciting element, something unique-- like classic arcade games. Not only is this a totally Instagram - able moment, but classic arcade games are just, well, really fun!

Free Play All Day

Unlike hosting a party at an arcade, our games can be put on free play mode so your guests can fully enjoy the nostalgic experience. That’s right, your guests can play Ms. Pacman, for free, as long as they’d like. Arcade game rentals are an exciting way to bring guests together of all ages, and maybe even get a little competitive too. We can deliver our games anywhere from Milwaukee, to Madison, but we aren’t totally limited to that area, don’t let it hold you back! We want your party to be tubular!

Games, Games, Games

We now what you’re thinking...what games do you have? Hold your breath, here it goes!

  • Ms. Pacman

  • Galaga

  • Frogger

  • Donkey Kong

  • Doney Kong Jr.

  • Donkey Kong 3

  • Galaxian

  • Dig Dug

  • Crush Roller

  • Mr. Do

  • Space Invaders

  • Pacman

  • Galaga 3

  • Gyruss

  • Tank Batallion

  • 1942

  • Ladybug

  • Burger Time

  • MappyClassic

  • Centipede

  • Millipede

  • Jr. Pacman

  • Pengo

  • Phoenix

  • Time Pilot

  • Super Cobra

  • Hustler

  • Space Panic

  • Super Breakout

  • New Rally X

  • Arkanoid

  • Qix

  • Juno First

  • Xeuisous

  • Mr. Do’s Castle

  • Moon Cresta

  • Pinball Acton

  • Scramble

  • Super Pacman

  • Bomb Jack

  • Shao-Lins Road

  • 1943

  • Van-Van Car

  • Pacman Plus

  • Dig Dug 2

  • Amidar

  • Zaxxon

  • Pooyan

  • Pleiads

  • Gun.Smoke

  • The End

  • 1943 Kai

  • Congo Bongo

  • Jumping Jack

  • Ms. Pacman 2

  • Galaga 2

  • Pacman 2

  • Jr Pacman 2

  • Pacman Plus 2

Looking for a game not listed? We can help. Just send us a message.

Milwaukee Arcade Game Rental, Wisconsin Arcade Game Rental

Milwaukee Arcade Game Rental, Wisconsin Arcade Game Rental

Inflatable Axe Throwing Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Inflatable Axe Throw Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Years ago, escape rooms were the latest and greatest group event and party rage. In case you haven't heard you may be surprised to learn that there's a new crowd pleaser that's taking the country by storm: axe throwing. That's right, this old sport is experiencing a huge resurgence. There are even axe throwing leagues and axe throwing competitions and tournaments! Think of it as a unique spin on dart throwing or archery.

Kick Axe Fun for All Ages and Venues

While traditional axe throwing is, obviously, dangerous; needs to be practiced in a large, open, indestructible setting; and isn't appropriate for young children, there is good news if you'd like to get in on the fun without the risk of actual axes. Inflatable axe throwing games are ideal for parties, special events, or practicing for the real deal without the risk. Our  inflatable axe throwing set up lets you test your aim with a Velcro-lined inflatable axe and Velcro board. Like the real deal, the goal of our inflatable axe throwing game is to earn points by hitting the bull's eye or any of the circles surrounding it. The closer to the bull's eye you get, the more points you accrue.

Make the Axe Game the Focal Point of Your Own Inflatable Carnival!

Whether you are planning a block party, school carnival, corporate team building event, or the most epic child's birthday party, inflatables can make your event epic! If it has been awhile since you have rented an inflatable, you'll be shocked to see how many options you now have. Now we can provide you with an inflatable axe throwing game. We can also provide you with inflatables:

· Giant human hamster balls

· Obstacle courses

· Light up ferris wheel-themed bounce house, climbing structure and slide

· Hungry hippo games

· Sumo wrestling suits

· Horse race games

· Skee ball games

· Surfing games

· Mechanical bull riding games

These are just examples of the many inflatables we have available to make your next party or event a resounding success. Contact us today for more information on using our rentals to plan a Willie Fun Event! We serve Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Inflatable Axe Throwing game rental. Inflatable party rentals.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Inflatable Axe Throwing game rental. Inflatable party rentals.

Photo Booth Rental in Milwaukee, Madison, and Wisconsin

Photo Booth Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a photo booth for an event gives your guests a fun activity that captures how much they enjoyed the evening. Before you choose a photo booth for an event in Milwaukee or another Wisconsin city, make sure you find an option that lets your guests have a unique experience that they will always cherish.

A Photo Booth That Makes Videos and Pictures

Why limit your guests to taking still photographs? A magic mirror booth rental uses advanced camera technology that lets people take photographs or make videos. You can even get GIF recordings to send friends or add to your social media accounts.

Get a Photo Booth Built-in and Custom Animation

The magic mirror photo booth rental from Willie Fun Events gives you a touchscreen that lets you customize all of your photographs.

The touchscreen mirror includes built-in animations that add fun elements to your picture or photo. You can also customize animations for the event. Use custom animations to say congratulate the newlyweds or wish someone a happy birthday.

With builtin and custom animation, you can let your creativity flow to make exciting photographs and videos.

Sign and Stamp Your Photo Booth Pictures

Having a touchscreen means that you can also add signatures and stamps to your photographs. In 30 years, you won't have to play a guessing game to figure out who a guest is. You'll have that person's signature right on the picture.

Stamps include a wide range of images, including smiley faces and fire GIFs that emphasize getting the party fired up!

Let your guests customize their photos easily by touching the features that they want to add. You'll get impressive results that will entertain your guests during the event and years into the future.

Share Images and Videos Via Text, Email, and Social Media

With most photo booths, you have to wait for the rental company to upload images to a website before you can share images with friends. A magic mirror photo booth lets you share images and videos immediately via text, email, and social media.

As soon as someone finishes taking a picture, they can add it to their Facebook feed or text it to their friends. Why wait for days when you can share the experience immediately?

Your guests also get quick prints of their pictures so they will have mementos of the event.

In-Person Assistance Makes Photo Booths More Successful

Each magic mirror photo booth comes with an in-person assistant who stays with the equipment throughout your event. Having an assistant on hand will make your photo booth more successful.

When guests want to try something unique, the assistant can change the booth's settings to get the desired effect. The assistant can also stand to the side and hand out accessories to guests between photographs.

If your photo booth malfunctions, the assistant will reboot the device and get it working ASAP! You don't want to lose precious time during your party.

Rent a Photo Booth From Willie Fun Events

Request a quote from Willie Fun Events to get the perfect photo booth rental for your next event. Our team will set up the magic mirror photo booth, give you props, and leave an attendant to make sure you get the most out of your photo booth.

Whether you're hosting a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, a photo booth can enhance the experience. Get started by requesting your quote from Willie Fun Events.

Milwaukee photo booth rental, Madison Photo Booth Rental, Lake Geneva Photo Booth Rentakl

Milwaukee photo booth rental, Madison Photo Booth Rental, Lake Geneva Photo Booth Rentakl

Carnival Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Carnival Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Whether you're planning a large summer BBQ or a highly anticipated reunion, carnival games instantly elevate any event. From festivals to corporate parties, weddings to private gatherings, carnival game rentals make any event a memorable, fun-filled experience.

6 Carnival Game Rentals for Your Next Event

If you're planning an upcoming event in Wisconsin or Milwaukee, why not take your plans to new heights? Whether you're planning a party for your 30th birthday or for your parent's 50th wedding anniversary, carnival games are the perfect addition. Bringing guests closer together, the following games will ensure a memorable experience that will be talked about for years to come.

1. Dunk Tank

Nothing screams "carnival" quite like the dunk tank. This game rental will have every guest on their toes as they watch in anticipation. While one guest sits on a plank overlooking a pool of water, another guest will try to dunk them -- all it takes is a ball and one good throw. Everyone will be in stitches, especially when an employee gets the chance to "dunk" their boss.

2. Life-size Chess

When you have a chess board in your yard that is larger-than-life, guests instantly take notice. Although this is not a "traditional" carnival game, this unique game-playing experience will draw crowds and is a must-have addition to any party. Whether you want to challenge your brother to a long-awaited rematch or have a good laugh with a coworker, this game is a perfect choice.

3. Classic Arcade Games

Classic arcade games never go out of style. Regardless of your age (or the age of your guests), arcade games allow everyone to get involved. Best of all, these games will bring back old, fond memories all while making new memories with those you love. With a range of options to choose from, there's something for everyone.

4. Clown Toss Game

Everyone remembers going to the carnival and watching people win big. Most of the time, it involved throwing a ball at a target. Whether you want to reenact this experience or just have an absolute blast, the clown toss game will add a competitive element to your next event. You can even add prizes or an inflatable carnival midway to game rentals, ensuring a more authentic experience.

5. Glass Bottle Ring Toss

Another classic, especially for those who love the excitement associated with prize-winning games, glass bottle ring toss will have everyone huddling around. This full-size game is the perfect addition to any event and appeals to guests of all ages.

Related: Electronic Bowling Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

6. Balloon Dart Game

The fun never stops when you're aiming to burst balloons. Simply set this game up at the beginning of your party or event, and watch as your guests line up to pop as many balloons as they can. More of a Milk Bottle Toss fan? Well then, Spill the Milk is another great option, testing your eye-hand coordination one throw after the next.

It's Time to Take Your Next Event to New Heights

Sure, good food and great company are key to any successful event, but why stop there? Having a source of entertainment, such as an array of carnival games, is what allows guests of all ages to laugh and truly enjoy the company of others.

Make your next event one to remember! Whether you choose nostalgic games that bring you and your family back to your childhood or competitive carnival games that get the whole office involved, we have everything you need to elevate your next event.

Contact us to receive a more accurate quote and get the party started!

Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha. Mequon, Carnival Game Rentals

Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha. Mequon, Carnival Game Rentals

Electronic Bowling Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Bowling Over Your Guests: Bowlercade Equals Event Magic

Whatever your next event might be, you surely want it to be fun and memorable. One way to create excitement is to rent an electronic bowling game. Also known as bowlercade, it's a delightful activity for all ages. When you turn your home into the neighborhood bowling alley, the cheers and laughter will ring out for hours.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your bowlercade experience.

1. Make Room for the Audience

When you set up a party game, it's great to place comfortable seats all around it, even if it means you must move some furniture. All of your spectators should have good views of the action.

With an energetic crowd cheering on the participants, the game will be even more engaging. When people bowl strikes, they'll feel like conquering heroes.

2. Offer Prizes

You might give little presents to the players who end up with the most impressive scores. Gift certificates or cute party favors would do nicely.

With prizes in hand, the winners can feel even more triumphant. Plus, they'll have something extra by which to remember your event.

3. Explain the Benefits

Bowling, even the miniature variety, offers many rewards. And you could remind your group what they are. That way, your guests will be even more enthusiastic about taking part in your bowlercade extravaganza.

Those benefits include enhanced coordination, improved balance and a boost in endorphins. Endorphins are those brain chemicals that can provide us with a rush of positive feelings.

There's one other outstanding benefit that comes with electronic bowling. It can be a terrific way to make new friends. With teams of schoolkids rooting for one another or wedding guests introducing themselves to each other, your beeping and glowing bowlercade game will be a real hub of socialization. Phone numbers may be exchanged between sets.

Ultimately, your rented electronic bowling game will be an ideal place to unwind, sip a beer or a cup of apple juice, and luxuriate in nostalgia and childhood pleasures. And, as a bonus, no one has to rent shoes!

Milwaukee Arcade Bowling Game rental in Wisconsin and Madison.

Milwaukee Arcade Bowling Game rental in Wisconsin and Madison.

Slushie - Slush Puppie Machine Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

SLUSH PUPPiE Machine Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

If you want your party guests to experience fun in a cup, then the SLUSH PUPPiE machine is the ultimate concession machine rental to have at your special event. Take a trip down memory lane by using these tips and ideas for renting a true SLUSH PUPPiE machine for your next event:

Get an Accurate Estimate

Whether you're hosting a child's birthday party or throwing an adult birthday bash for your best friend, it's important to know the number of guests that will attend your event. Have guests confirm your invitation early and include room for a few unexpected guests. That way you can provide your SLUSH PUPPiE machine rental provider with a proper headcount for an accurate estimate.

Host a Holiday Party

The holidays are the perfect time for using a SLUSH PUPPiE machine for a party. You can use the drinks to color-coordinate with a Fourth of July event or add extra flavor to a bubbly raspberry drink for a Christmas party. Just make sure you book your SLUSH PUPPiE machine rental early so you can get it for the day of your holiday party.

Use it for a Wisconsin Fundraiser

When the weather is warm, or your guests are hot from exercising outdoors, a cold SLUSH PUPPiE can make raising funds outside that much better. So, why not offer a SLUSH PUPPiE beverage at your next outdoor fundraiser in Wisconsin? Whether it's a Turkey Trot in Milwaukee or summer relay race, you can offer your guests a refreshing drink of this 1970s iconic brand right from a SLUSH PUPPiE machine at your next fundraiser event in Wisconsin.

Get Your SLUSH PUPPiE Machine from the Pros

Renting an authentic SLUSH PUPPiE machine means going with professionals who have a true frozen drink rental machine of this iconic brand. There are tons of imitations out there, but when you opt for a reliable Milwaukee party rental company, you can ensure you're getting the original SLUSH PUPPiE rental machine.

It's not hard to find a SLUSH PUPPiE machine in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, either. Willie Fun Events offers an original SLUSH PUPPiE machine for rent that you can take advantage of to relive fun childhood memories at your next event. All you need is water and power on site and you can count on Willie Fun Events to provide a true SLUSH PUPPiE machine and supplies. The machine rental comes with the machine, a supply stand, straws and two flavors. You'll even get the authentic SLUSH PUPPiE cups, too.

If you're ready to infuse nostalgia in your next event with a SLUSH PUPPiE machine, contact Willie Fun Events for a quote today.

Slushie machine rental in Waukesha, Madison, Milwaukee, and Mequon Wisconsin

Slushie machine rental in Waukesha, Madison, Milwaukee, and Mequon Wisconsin