Renting a Dart Board Game in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Dart Board for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

British carpenter Brian Gamlin created the modern-day dartboard in 1896, and this classic game has been a party favorite for more than 120 years. The premise is simple: aim, throw and score the highest number of points. Now you can replicate the classic darts experience in your own home by renting an electronic dartboard for an upcoming event. It works just the same as a regular dartboard, but it automatically keeps score for you. Want to score a bullseye? Here are three ideas for renting an electronic dartboard!

1. Organize a Darts Competition

Darts is a competitive game and is best played with a group of friends. Why not host a darts competition where you split guests into small teams? You don't need lots of equipment -- just an electronic dartboard and a few darts, and you're good to go. Make things even more interesting by giving out a prize to the team with the highest number of points. A small trophy or a bottle of wine won't cost you the earth, but it will add an extra competitive element to your game.

2. Host a Charity Event

Why not plan a fundraiser around a game of electronic darts? Ask your guests to make a small charitable donation if they want to play this game and then donate any funds to a local charity. Looking for a nonprofit? Head over to GuideStar -- an online resource that lists charities and organizations in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin area.

3. Plan a Games Night

Electronic darts is just one game you can play with friends or family. Why not plan a game night and hire an air hockey table, for example? You can split your party guests into two small teams and watch them have fun playing this classic game. Alternatively, rent a ping pong table. Willie Fun Events, a full-service party rental company in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, has a wide range of party games that will transform your next event. Other popular party games include life-sized checkers, electronic basketball and bubble hockey, which can all complement electronic darts!

Want to play darts at your next event? Willie Fun Events has an electric darts board that automatically keeps score of your game. It's easy to set up and everything you need is included. Click here to find out more!



Milwaukee Blackjack Table Rental Casino Party Rental Milwaukee

Renting a Blackjack Table for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Blackjack is one of the world's oldest casino games. Now you can play this classic game at your next event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Renting a blackjack table provides your guests with hours of fun. You can play for prizes, raise money for charity and add a competitive element to your event. Here are some tips on hiring a blackjack table in 2018.

1. Find a Reputable Rental Company

Not all rental companies in Milwaukee and Wisconsin are the same. You need a company that provides you with excellent customer service and good value for money. Willie Fun Games, a full-service rental company that serves southeast Wisconsin, lets you hire blackjack equipment for your next event. Everything is included -- table, cards and chips -- and you can hand out prizes to the player who wins the most games. You can even rent other casino equipment such as roulette tables and bingo games!

2. Hire a Professional Dealer

Take the stress out of organizing a game of blackjack with a live dealer. Willie Fun Games has professional staff who will host your blackjack games and ensure your guests have a great time. Not everyone understands the rules of blackjack, but that's OK. A professional dealer will teach your guests how to play this classic game. You can customize your blackjack game further with a DJ, waitresses, custom currency and prizes.

3. Book Ahead

Want to hire a blackjack table? Book one in advance! At Willie Fun Games, there are a number of different ways you can reserve party equipment. Just call a member of the team by phone or use the live chat feature on the company's website. It's that simple! More people are incorporating casino games into their events in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, so book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Blackjack is the classic casino game that will transform your next birthday party, anniversary or corporate event. You can hire a blackjack table and entertain your guests! Want to get started? Contact Willie Fun Games today for a quote. Alternatively, check out the company's other party accessories.

Life size Connect 4 Rental in Milwaukee Connect Four Wisconsin

3 Tips and Ideas When Renting Giant Connect Four for Your Next Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

You probably remember Connect Four from childhood. It's the game where you match four discs in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. There are nearly 2 trillion unique ways to fill a Connect Four board, so you'll never get bored of this classic game. Now you can transform up your next event with an oversized version of Connect Four. The aim of the game is the same, but everything just got bigger! Here are some ideas and tips for renting a life-sized Connect Four board for your next event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Reserve Your Giant Connect Four Board Early

Whether you want a Connect Four game for a birthday party, anniversary or prom, make sure you book ahead. This game has become increasingly popular in recent years as a party accessory, and it's easy to see why. Playing giant Connect Four injects fun into almost any event, and the game serves as the ultimate icebreaker when people meet for the first time.

2. Use Giant Connect Four as a Team Building Activity

Team building exercises come with loads of benefits. These activities increase collaboration, boost productivity, encourage creativity and enhance communication, according to research. Life-sized Connect Four is a team building activity that is not only fun but helps co-workers get to know each other better at a work party.

3. Play for Prizes

Take Connect Four to the next level and play for small prizes at your next party. You could hand out a gift to the first person who matches four discs in a row on the board, for example. Alternatively, encourage guests to get into small groups and award a prize to the winning team.

The tips and ideas will convince you to hire a giant Connect Four board for your next big event. Looking to rent one of these classic games in Milwaukee and Wisconsin? Check out Willie Fun Events, a full-service rental company that has a massive Connect Four game available for rental. Everything you need is included -- the Connect Four board and colored discs -- and you can expect the very best customer service.

life size connect 4 four milwaukee

Milwaukee Table & Chair Rental for Christmas Parties and Holiday Events

Renting Tables, Chairs and Other Accessories for Your Family Christmas Party in Milwaukee

So you've booked a DJ, sent out invitations and sorted out the catering. Your family Christmas party is sure to be a success, right? Wait! You forgot one of the most important parts of party prep. Where is everybody going to sit? Renting tables and chairs for your special event might not be the most exciting thing about planning a party, but it's certainly one of the most important. Here are some tips for renting tables and chairs, and other must-have party essentials, in Milwaukee.

1. Start Now!

With just a few weeks left before the holidays, now's a good time to sort out seating arrangements at your family Christmas party. If you are serving food at your event, a long, strong, sturdy table is a great place to keep all your snacks. Don't forget about smaller tables, either -- your party guests will need to put down their empty plates somewhere. When it comes to chairs, comfort is essential. After all, who wants to sit on a hard, uncomfortable chair at a Christmas party? Cross-back chairs, folding metal chairs, white resin chairs -- these are just some of the rental options available to you this year.

2. Don't Forget About the Table Linen

Linen can transform the look of any table and create a festive party atmosphere. White linen is the most popular choice for party planners in Milwaukee. This material is mostly used for weddings, but it's a great idea for a family Christmas party, too. Essentially a blank canvas, white linen serves as the ultimate base for table decorations like Christmas candles, candy canes and poinsettia plants. In short, white linen is clean, simple and timeless -- making it perfect for almost any event this holiday season.

3. Customize Your Glassware

Create a Christmas party that your guests will remember with custom glassware. Engraved wine and beer glasses -- you can incorporate a family crest or image into the glass -- make a great party accessory, while your guests will love personalized shot glasses. For an extra festive touch, wrap a small, thin piece of tinsel or ribbon around the stem of a wine glass. Christmas colors like red, green and gold work best.

Want to hire tables, chairs and other party accessories for your Christmas party? Check out Willie Fun Events, a full-service party rental company that serves Milwaukee and Wisconsin. You can expect the best customer service, a wide range of hire options and competitive prices. Click here to find out more.

Renting a Shuffleboard Game Table in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

6 Types of Events Perfect for Renting a Shuffleboard Table Game

Got a few events planned over the next few months? Here's how you can include a fun Shuffleboard Table Game into your party itinerary.

1. A School Reunion Event

There's nothing like getting together old friends and classmates, and hearing how and where everyone's ended up in life. Planning an event with a few games can help to warm up old friends and make new ones!

2. A Company Casino Party Night

This is a fun corporate team-building idea. Incorporating a Shuffleboard Table Game into your night will make it relaxing and enjoyable for all.

3. A Hen Party or Bachelor's Party

If you are tasked with planning your best friend's last party night before the big wedding day, a Shuffleboard Table Game is a great choice. You could have it in the corner of a club, so guests can choose whether or not they want to play, or just drink and dance the night away.

4. Your Boss' Birthday Event

Who said office parties have to be stiff and boring? Why not include games that are fun for anyone of any age or background or social status! Try renting a table game to show off everyone's intelligence at work--out of the boardroom!

5. A Housewarming Party

Impress your guests with your own skills at the shuffleboard games, and ensure that everyone has a great time. Your housewarming party can be as relaxed or as energetic as you want it to be. Incorporating fun games into your day will leave everyone with some happy memories to recall.

6. Halloween Parties

It's nearly that time of the year again! Why not entertain the kids and their parents by having game tables rented for your living room or lawn! Game tables add to the atmosphere of every party, without much effort required.

Besides the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Shuffleboard Table Game Rental, we have other products that are perfect for every kind of event! Whether you are planning for five or five-hundred guests, we've got you covered. And there are options for all ages, too!

Check out our listing of party additions and bring your own event to life!

Santa Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Santa Throne for your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

What's a holiday celebration without a jolly Santa Claus acting as the star of the show? That's the key to really making everything fall into place for your party, but you might overlook: where is he going to sit? Throne chairs create a natural centerpiece for your event, but why did this piece of furniture get associated with Santa in the first place, and where can you get one?

How Santa Got His Throne

The sleigh, reindeers and elf helpers are all part of myths and legends that surround Saint Nick, but the throne didn't show up until the late 1800s. Department stores started the tradition of Santa's Grotto, with elaborate decorations, photography once it was invented and the Santa throne. Almost every mall in the United States has a Santa that's waiting to talk to children and find out whether they've been naughty or nice.

Where Can You Get a Santa Throne

Now that you know how the Santa throne came to be, it's time to figure out where you can get one for your party. You probably don't have a use for a massive chair most of the year, so it makes sense to go with a rental option rather than buying one. Event and party supply services, such as Willie Fun Events, have all the seasonal furniture you need to turn your Christmas party a success.

Setting Up Your Santa Throne

Where should you put your Santa throne once you get it? It may be impractical to set up Santa's spot directly in the middle of your venue, whether you have a holiday bash at your home or you're renting out an event hall.

Think about the flow of traffic with families and kids waiting in line for their chance to tell Santa all about their gift wish list. Try to set the throne away from other busy areas that could become congested, such as your front entrance, buffet lines, bathrooms and the bar. Leave enough space to set up a Christmas tree, good lighting for anyone taking photos and other holiday decor.

Make your Christmas party the one everyone talks about all year round with the help of a Santa throne rental in Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Confetti Canon Launcher Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting an Arena Confetti Cannon and Launcher in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin

Are you planning an upcoming special event and looking for something extra special to add to the mix? Perhaps you have the staging all set and the lighting in place, but what you're missing is the extra touch that colorful, vibrant confetti can add. Confetti allows you to add a little sparkle, dazzle and excitement to any large event. All you need is to rent one or more high-quality arena confetti cannons and confetti launchers.

Make a Statement With an Arena Confetti Cannon

These are not just your standard handheld launchers that you might use for a home party. These large, high-performing confetti launchers really make a statement, whether you are holding your event in a sports arena, stadium or another large venue. The confetti machine launcher has enough power to create a continuous flow of confetti, at one pound per second. This massive amount of confetti is sure to wow the audience and get them to their feet cheering for more.

Perfect for All Types of Events

The confetti cannon and confetti launcher are perfect for all types of events, including corporate events, community events, school events and even large weddings. The addition of confetti can make many types of events, such as graduations, sporting events, live music events and New Year's Eve celebrations, extra special. With just the click of a button, you can launch hundreds or thousands of pounds of confetti at just the right moment like at the end of the game, as the clock strikes midnight, as the graduates toss their hats in the air, or as the happy couple say their "I dos."

Customized to Match Your Event

Best of all, you can pick the exact colors and material of confetti you want for your event. Literally, every color of the rainbow is available. You can choose one color, multiple colors, or all the colors. This is ideal for sporting events because you can choose the team colors and fill the stands with team pride. Whether you want to use tissue confetti or metallic confetti, the array of confetti will look stunning as it flows through the air, signifying a special moment during your event.

The large, heavy-duty confetti cannon and launcher can be set up to shoot from several different angles. Depending on the specific launcher you rent and how you angle the horn, the confetti can shoot upwards anywhere from 75 to 100 feet high. You decide how high and exactly where you want the confetti to shoot. When renting multiple confetti cannons, you can strategically stage them to provide the most dramatic effect.

If you are ready to make your upcoming event truly special, contact Willie Fun Events today. We offer heavy-duty, dependable confetti cannons and launchers. Our services include complete delivery, setup and pickup to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Milwaukee Casino Party Rental - Casino Game Table Rental

Planning a Casino Night Party and Casino Game Rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

The classic green poker table, the shiny roulette wheel, the kerching of slot machines -- these are the sights and sounds of the casino. Now you can create your own casino experience at home or work with a few party rentals. Invite your friends or colleagues to your event and play your favorite games for fun. Here are some ideas for your next casino-themed party.

1. Play Blackjack and Beat the Dealer!

Blackjack is one of the world's most popular casino card games. The rules are simple: beat the dealer by trying to score 21 points. If you are planning a party, impress your guests with a blackjack table -- just like the ones you find at a real casino.

When you hire a blackjack table from a party rental company in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, look for a company that provides you with a card dealer. They can set up your blackjack table for you at your home or corporate event and teach your guests how to play this classic casino game.

2. Organize a Roulette Night

Like blackjack, roulette is a popular casino game that combines chance and skill. Although there are many different varieties of roulette, the rules are usually the same. Players place a bet on a single number, combination of numbers or color to win prizes. If you are hosting a casino-themed party, hire a roulette table and challenge your friends or colleagues to a couple of rounds of this classic game. You can even give out a small prize to the eventual winner!

Just like with blackjack, choose a rental company that provides you with a dealer. This helps you create an authentic casino experience. Not all hire companies in Milwaukee and Wisconsin offer this service, so shop around.

3. Invite Your Friends Over for a Game of Bingo

Bingo is a fun game that you can play with family and friends. As the bingo caller reads out the numbers, match them on your scorecard! Now you can play bingo in the comfort of your own home. Why not organize a bingo night and invite your friends around? You can play for fun or award a small prize to the player who matches a line of numbers -- or a "full house" -- in the quickest time.

Party supplies are highly sought after throughout the year, so it's always a good idea to book ahead and reserve items like bingo games. The holiday season, however, is even more popular. Book bingo accessories a couple of months before the festive season to avoid disappointment!

4. Play Texas Hold 'Em Poker With a Real Dealer

Texas hold 'em poker is one of the most popular varieties of poker in the world. If you want to create an event that your guests will remember, hire a poker table and play this famous game. When you choose a rental company that provides you with a poker dealer, you can learn new skills and replicate the traditional casino experience at home or work.

Looking for casino game rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin? Willie Fun Events is a full-service event company with a wide range of casino party accessories, including blackjack, roulette, poker and bingo tables. Click here to find out more about this local company.

Skeeball Game Machine Rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

3 Tips When Hiring a Skee-Ball Machine in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Transform your next event into a mini-arcade when you add a Skee-Ball machine. This classic game of skill involves players rolling balls up a ramp. The aim? To collect points when balls land in holes with different point values! Skee-Ball dates back to the early 20th century, but it has made something of a comeback in recent years. Here are some tips when hiring a Skee-Ball game machine in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Play for Prizes

Skee-Ball machines will provide your guests with hours of enjoyment at your next event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Why not make things more interesting by handing out prizes to players who score the most points? Alternatively, divide your guests into small groups, and give a small gift to the winning team. This will add an extra competitive element to Skee-Ball, and you can create a buzz at your special event!

2. Hire a Skee-Ball Machine for a Corporate Event

Skee-Ball game machines are commonly associated with events like outdoor parties and wedding receptions. However, they make great additions to corporate events, too. These games serve as the ultimate icebreaker and will entertain event attendees after a long sales presentation or meeting. When you organize your next corporate event, hire a Skee-Ball machine! The best rental companies deliver everything you need --the machine, balls, instructions, etc. -- to your event, saving you loads of time and hassle.

3. Combine Skee-Ball with Other Classic Games

If you really want to impress your guests at your next event, hire games like shuffleboard and electronic darts. All of these games will complement your Skee-Ball machine and provide your guests with plenty of entertainment. As well as adding in skill games, you can also hire fun party accessories like life-sized Jenga and Connect 4. Rental companies can also deliver these games to your home or business.

Looking for Skee-Ball machines in Milwaukee and Wisconsin? Willie Fun Events is a full-service event company with a broad range of games and fun party accessories. Click here to find out more about this local company.

Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin

Renting a Throne Chair for Your Wedding or Event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you're looking to put a unique spin on your wedding reception, look no further than throne chairs. In fact, not only are these chairs regal, but they're versatile enough for a multitude of other events, like baby showers and bachelor(ette) parties. Here is a look at how they can spice up your party -- just like they spiced up TV's Basketball Wives!

Wedding Receptions

Two throne chairs give the newly married couple the opportunity to "preside" over everyone else during the wedding reception. These chairs will inject an aura of fun glitz to the festivities, guaranteeing that the wedding pictures will be different from everyone else's.

Already married but want in on the fun? Don't fret. Throne chairs make great additions to anniversary parties.

Baby Showers

What better way to honor a parent-to-be than via a throne chair? It's pampering done right. (Of course, if both expectant parents will be at the party, rent two chairs instead of one.) A baby shower is a way to honor the mother-to-be before her child arrives, and a throne chair makes her feel even more special.

It can also help to determine your theme if you're having trouble settling on one. For example, maybe you're considering a queen-themed party, a little-prince-themed party or a white-and-gold party. Hint: Lemon cake truffles are gorgeous and complement the colors and regality of many a throne chair.

Throne chairs are quite versatile and work with numerous themes, from literary/storybook characters to animal motifs.

Bachelor(ette) Parties

The "prince" or "princess" is about to become a king or queen! Send the royal off in style with a throne chair. You could even rent two chairs and start the night with both members of the couple celebrating together.


Throne chairs can inject an atmosphere of glamour to many a fundraiser. This is true whether you're aiming for an upscale or more down-to-earth event. If you asked a celebrity to come to the event and pose for pictures, you could even have him or her sit in one chair while guests sit in the other chair.

Birthday Parties

Whether your loved one is turning 13, 50 or 75, know that a throne chair lends a memorable twist to the festivities. It leaves no doubt about who is the guest of honor.

Throwing a standout party these days seems to be a harder task than it used to be. Thanks to the Internet and other forms of media, people have seen and done practically everything. With throne chairs, though, you have the chance to shift the entire feel of a party.

Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Halloween Bounce House Rental - Halloween Party Rentals Milwaukee Wisconsin

Renting a Halloween Bounce House Inflatable for Your Party

69.1 percent of Americans said they planned to celebrate Halloween in 2016, and around two-thirds of these intended to throw a Halloween-themed party, according to research. Expect more of the same this year as families carve pumpkins, take children trick-or-treating and dress up in costume to mark this annual holiday. If you are planning a Halloween party of your own, hiring a bounce house will wow your guests. These party accessories provide party-goers with hours of fun and will get everyone talking. Here are three tips when renting a Halloween bounce house inflatable in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Stay Safe

Did you know that 30 children a day -- that's one child every 45 minutes -- are injured after using a bounce house? If you want to hire an inflatable for your Halloween event, make sure you keep safe. Place your bounce house on a flat surface away from power lines and tree branches. Ask your guests to remove their glasses, shoes and jewelry before they jump on a bounce house inflatable, too. These safety tips will prevent accidents and injuries at your big event.

2. Book Ahead

If you want to avoid disappointment, book your Halloween bounce castle at the end of summer or beginning of fall. As Oct. 31 looms, more people in Milwaukee and Wisconsin hire Halloween-themed party accessories, so contact a party rental company before all their inflatables are booked. You might have to leave a deposit, but booking ahead will give you peace of mind.

3. Organize Games for Your Guests

A Halloween-themed bounce house provides party-goers with loads of fun. However, you can add to the enjoyment by organizing a few games for your guests. Why not host a jumping competition for child attendees, for example? You can give a spooky prize to the person who jumps the highest. Just remember to maintain safety at all times!

If you want to hire a Halloween bounce house, remember to book ahead and think up fun games for your guests. Don't forget to read up on safety precautions, either.

Looking for a Halloween bounce house in Milwaukee or Wisconsin? Here at Willie Fun Events, we have inflatables that will turn your next Halloween party into an event that your guests will remember for a long time. Our Halloween bounce house measures 13 feet x 13 feet x 13 feet and features a design with pumpkins, ghosts and witches. We also have a Halloween inflatable maze!

Homecoming & Spirit Week Inflatable, Games, and Outdoor Movie Night rentals in Wisconsin & Milwaukee

Renting Inflatables and Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night for Your High School Homecoming and Spirit Week

Parties, prep rallies, parades -- expect all of these time-worn traditions during homecoming and spirit week. After the ceremonies are over, why not try something a little different? Hiring a bounce house or organizing an outdoor movie night provides you with a chance to catch up with friends after the formal festivities have finished. Here are three ideas that you should know about.

1. Watch Your Favorite High School-Themed Movies

A movie screen turns your backyard or school campus into a drive-in! You can even ask your guests to dress up as their favorite characters from the silver screen. High school-themed movies are a great choice for your movie night. The Last Picture Show, Back to the Future, Rebel Without a Cause, Hoop Dreams and Say Anything are the top five best high school movies of all time, according to a reader's poll on Rotten Tomatoes. Other back-to-school blockbusters include Grease, Mean Girls, High School Musical and The Breakfast Club.

Willie Fun Events, a full-service rental company based in Franklin, Wis., provides you with everything you need for your movie night. You get a projector, PA system, big screen and DVD player included in the price -- perfect for playing your favorite movies. You can even hire an inflatable poolside movie screen if you are planning a pool party for homecoming and spirit week.

2. Organize a Bounce House Fundraiser

Bounce houses are great fun for all ages. However, if you want to host an event that guests will remember for a long time, organize a bounce raise fundraiser. It's simple: ask your friends to donate cash to a local charity in exchange for bounce house time. Not only will your guests have fun, but they could raise a significant amount of money for a good cause. Struggling to find a charity? Check out GuideStar, which lists non-profits in your area.

Willie Fun Events has a wide range of bounce houses and party inflatables for your homecoming or spirit week event. These include a water slide and rock climbing inflatables. Then there's the inflatable obstacle course, which measures an impressive 55 feet by 15 feet. This massive party accessory has tunnels, pop-ups and a slide!

3. Play a Game of Giant Twister

Twister is one of the most popular games in the world. It was first released in the 1960s, and it became one of the biggest toy crazes of the 20th century. Now you play this classic game of physical skill on a much bigger scale. Giant Twister boards will keep your guests entertained at your event and provide hours of fun. You can even give a small prize to the eventual winner.

Willie Fun Events has a giant Twister board that measures 15 feet by 15 feet. Ideal for indoor and outdoor events, this inflatable is a great choice for post-homecoming and spirit week events. Invite guests over to yours and get spinnin'!

Homecoming and spirit weeks are two of the most important dates in the school calendar. Celebrate them in style by hiring a bounce house or organizing an outdoor movie night. For more information about where to hire these party accessories in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, click here.

Wine Barrel rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, Rent a rustic, vintage wine barrel

Wine Barrel Rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

You might love wine barrels because they play a big part in getting delicious wines from the vineyards to the stores, but they also offer a creative way to spice up your next event or your wedding. Two of the most common ways to use wine barrels are incorporating them into your decor or putting them into practical use as cocktail tables.

Wine Barrel Decor

Wine barrels are remarkably versatile as event decor pieces. The rich, colored wood fits naturally into a classy formal affair or a casual rustic environment. Its adaptable nature allows you to get a lot of mileage out of your wine barrel rental. You get to add another texture to your design plans, with a natural element that's capable of softening a modern or industrial look or blending in with a more zen style.

Wine barrels can act as barriers to prevent people from entering sensitive areas or provide a pathway around the event. They can also hold baskets, flower arrangements, wedding gifts, favors and centerpieces, so make sure to take full advantage of the flexibility offered by these decor pieces.

Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables

Want to do something different for your event than the typical folding tables? Wine barrels give you the perfect base for a table that's stunning and strong. You can set up wine barrel tables near the bar at your wedding reception and collect the wine corks used throughout the event for another interesting element.

Wine barrel tables can separate seating areas, with formal dining taking place on another type of table, and casual conversation and cocktails occurring at your unique furniture. The glass tops that many event planners use for wine barrel tables look sophisticated while remaining easy to clean.

Another trend with wine barrel furniture is adding a live edge wood topper for another natural element to your event decoration. This type of wood catches plenty of attention, and you can support a longer piece with two barrels to create larger tables.

Want to use wine barrels for your next event, but you don't want to buy them outright? Contact us to rent wine barrels in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

White Resin Folding Garden Chair Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting White Resin Garden Chairs for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting white resin chairs for your next event can provide a comfortable place for attendees to sit while maintaining a certain aesthetic appeal that's up to your choosing. That's why many professional event planners rely on white resin chairs for their events. Here are some of the most common events when using white resin chairs would make a great choice.

Simple Outdoor Weddings

White resin chairs are the ideal choice for outdoor weddings, whether you want to add seating for the guests to comfortably watch the ceremony or need chairs with a minimal profile to be placed around reception tables. You can leave the simple white chairs as they are, or you can decorate them with sashes or fabric that match the wedding's colors. White resin chairs can be used in gardens, parks and backyards to provide an effective and beautiful seating option.

School Events

There are a variety of school events that white resin chairs could be rented for. This includes teacher appreciation events, scholarship recipient luncheons and parent appreciation breakfasts. Using the tables many schools already have, traditionally indoor functions can be spruced up and made more relaxing by planning them outside. By renting the white resin chairs, schools can save money and not have to have a place to store the chairs.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are another popular way to use rented white resin chairs. You can host outdoor office picnics, outdoor speakers and other fun team gatherings that utilize rented chairs and/or tables to create memorable meeting experiences. You can also plan client-facing events, such as a VIP client luncheon or a shareholder meeting that's outside by renting chairs. Any time that you're planning an event for your company, consider if there's be any benefit to hosting it outside. If so, renting chairs is a great way to provide ample seating for attendees.

If you need a reliable vendor for Wisconsin and Milwaukee party rentals, contact Willie Fun Events. In addition to renting white resin garden folding chairs that are of a high quality, you can get all of the party rentals you need for a successful school, corporate or special event. You can even request a customized quote through the website.

White Resin Folding Garden chair rentals in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Mequon, Fox Point, Bayside, River Hills, Wisconsin

White Resin Folding Garden chair rentals in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Mequon, Fox Point, Bayside, River Hills, Wisconsin

Tiki Bar and Tiki Mug Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Tiki Bar and Tiki Mugs for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

When the weather's nice and you want to spend some time outside, why not throw a luau or a tiki party? Tiki parties, which are Hawaiian or tropical island-themed, perfectly celebrate the spirit of the season, and they help make your guests feel like they've been transported to a different time or place. If you're thinking about throwing a tiki party this year, here are some tips to ensure that your party is a blast -- and that it's as fun and stress-free as possible for you, too.

Rent a Tiki Bar and Tiki Mugs

Don't go through the trouble of building your own tiki bar. Instead, rent a tiki bar from Willie Fun Events. We can bring you a tiki bar that you can set up outside, and we will also bring you stools that guests can sit on while you mix up cocktails. You can also rent tiki mugs from us, which are themed, traditional-Hawaiian style glassware in a fun range of colors. That way, your guests can feel immersed in your theme while they sip their drinks with tiny umbrellas.

Make Clean Up Easy for Yourself

Plan ahead for your tiki party to make sure that post-party is easy and stress-free for you. That way, you can enjoy the party yourself! In addition to renting a bar and mugs so you don't have to disassemble and wash them when it's done, you should also consider using compostable dishware and silverware when you serve food and snacks. That way, you can have a compost bin out so guests can discard their plates and food in when they're finished -- and you don't have to spend time over the sink washing dishes. And, by composting, you're doing something helpful for the environment!

Use Music to Create a Magical Atmosphere

To make people feel the island spirit even more than a tiki bar and mugs, set up a speaker system or music playing device at the tiki bar. Then, download or stream some luau-themed music -- like slack key guitar players or ukulele tunes. Music makes people feel immersed in their atmosphere. When they relax in the pool or on a lounge chair and close their eyes, they might just feel like they're right off of the bright sands of Waikiki in Honolulu.

Serve a Tropical Pu Pu Platter and Authentic Cocktails

A pu pu platter is a platter of food that contains a wide variety of dishes, so people can sample them all. If you want to make a pu pu platter that you can put on your tiki bar for guests to taste, there are some classic dishes you should include. Some of the most important are Kalua pig, SPAM musubi, sliced pineapple, tuna poke, cabbage salad and taro rolls. At the bar, you should also mix up authentic Hawaiian mai tais. The ingredients in mai tais include rum, orange juice, triple sec, lime, sugar and grenadine.

If you're ready to start dancing the hula and sipping on a mai tai, then get in touch with us at Willie Fun Events. We can provide you with a tiki bar and mugs for a party that you and your guests won't soon forget.

Rockwall Rental in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha and Wisconsin - Inflatable Rock Wall Rental

Renting an Inflatable Rock Wall in Milwaukee and Madison

Inflatable rock climbing walls are the ultimate party essentials. Soft, bouncy and colorful, these accessories will get everyone at your event talking. The goal is simple: climb to the top of the wall as quick as you can, and don't let the artificial rock formations slow you down. Here are some tips when hiring an inflatable climbing tower for a forthcoming event in Milwaukee or Madison.

1. Book Ahead

Inflatable rock climbing walls provide you with a great outdoor party activity. If you want your party guests to scale one of these mini structures at your next event, book ahead. Many people in the Milwaukee and Madison area rent inflatables during the summer months when temperatures soar. Contact a hire company several weeks before your event to avoid disappointment. You can also hire a bouncy house or inflatable obstacle course for your event.

2. Stay Safe

Inflatable climbing towers don't pose the same dangers as natural rock formations. However, care should be taken, especially if children use this accessory. Willie Fun Events, a full-service rental company in Franklin, has attendants that help your guests ascend to the top of a climbing wall. This provides you with the peace of mind you need if you are planning a big event. Nearly everything's included with Willie Fun Events' climbing tower, including real rock grips. Just two power circuits are required.

3. Organize a Competition

Hosting a rock climbing competition can make your next event more fun. Why not award a small prize to the person who scales an inflatable rock climbing wall in the fastest time? Alternatively, split guests up into small teams, and give out a prize when every member of a group climbs an inflatable wall. You could even raise money for charity. Ask your guests to donate money to a good cause if teams complete a rock climbing challenge.

These inflatables bring all the benefits of rock climbing to your backyard. Just don't forget to book ahead and stay safe! For more information about inflatable rock climbing walls, click here.

Drum Fan and Misting Fan Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Tips and Ideas for Renting a Misting Fan & Drum Fan in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Summer in Milwaukee and Wisconsin can be the best time to throw an event, when the weather is warm and people are enjoying a more relaxed pace to their days. But summer events have one problem: It gets hot out there. This is why you should consider renting a misting fan or a drum fan to keep your guests cool at your next gathering.

Misting Fans and Why to Rent One

There's nothing like celebrating al fresco to make a party festive. Who wants to be inside when you can be socializing on the grass or on a patio in the sunshine, sipping cocktails and barbecuing? Nobody wants to be stuck indoors in the summertime. However, sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate with the perfect cool breezes for your outdoor party.

A misting fan is just like a regular fan, but it utilizes a hose to create not just a breeze, but a cool breeze. Think of it like an air conditioner for the outdoors. Simply hook a garden hose up to the fan and turn it on: You will now have a cool breeze that can make the area it is cooling feel up to 20 degrees cooler. This can be a lifesaver when you are hosting a party on your deck on a hot day. Instead of feeling overheated, you and your guests will feel fresh and cool even if the temperature climbs into the high 80s and 90s.

Drum Fans and Why to Rent One

A drum fan can be very useful to rent if you are holding an event in a large space like a gym or a barn. Drum fans generate a large amount of air flow, making even a space without air conditioning feel cooler due to the circulation of air in the space. If you are thinking of renting a drum fan, contact an event rental store like Willie Fun Events to discuss the size of the space where your event will be held, and how many drum fans will be needed to cool it off. Your event attendees will thank you when they feel the refreshing breeze your rented drum fans will create!

Miwaukee Bounce House Rental - Milwaukee Inflatable Rental

3 Bounce House Event Ideas in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Bounce houses have long been a party favorite. Characterized by their soft interiors and bright, bold colors, these inflatables are often the centerpiece of a celebration. John Scurlock created the first bouncy house back in 1959. Today, these party accessories are enjoyed by both children and adults at birthday parties, anniversaries and even wedding receptions. Here are three event ideas for bouncy castle rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Create a Charity Event

Bounce houses are a great way to raise money for charity. You could sell tickets to your charity event, with all proceeds going to a good cause. To make things fun, guests can take it in turns to bounce on a jump house. The person who manages to jump for the longest gets to chose the charity that benefits from all your fundraising.

Collectively, Americans donated more than $370 billion to charities in 2015. Hosting a bounce house event could be your own way of raising funds for good causes.

2. Organize a Fitness Event

Did you know that jumping on a bounce house burns more calories than a brisk walk or slow jog? In fact, a person who weighs 150 pounds loses 126 calories after bouncing on a jump house for 30 minutes, while a 200-pound person burns 167 calories.

Now you organize an event that encourages your friends and family to keep fit. You could hire a jump house and host a bouncing competition, for example. Don't forget to explain all the benefits of jumping before and during your event. Bouncing speeds up your metabolism, improves balance, enhances your immune system and brings more oxygen to your tissues.

3. Plan a Church Function

Jump houses and moonwalks are becoming increasingly popular at church functions. Now you can hire one of these accessories for your next event. Bouncy castles are great fun for children of all ages, making them a family-friendly activity.

These inflatables are also a brilliant way to drum up interest in your next church event. Don't forget to include information about bounce house hire when you send out your invitations.

Bounce houses aren't just for children's parties. You can hire one of these inflatables for your next charity, fitness or church event. Willie Fun Events, a full-service event rental company, has a wide range of jump houses to hire in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Click here to find out more.

Farm Table Rental in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Wedding Farm Table Rentals

Renting a Rustic Farm Table for Your Next Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Rustic farm tables add a touch of country house chic to any event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. If you are planning a special occasion, these tables suit small or large seating needs and provide space for multiple guests. Here are three events where you can incorporate a rustic farm table.

1. Weddings

If you are hosting a wedding, you need a place for all your guests to sit. Rustic farm tables and chairs provide people with a place to eat a meal, watch wedding speeches and mingle with other guests. These tables incorporate a wood design and feature all the hallmarks of a traditional English farmhouse table: a super-flat dining surface, smooth texture and glossy finish. As a result, they look great when used in any venue. You can even use these tables at an outdoor wedding -- they are completely weather resistant.

2. Anniversaries

Rustic farm tables are less formal than other types of tables -- usually, they have long benches instead of individual chairs -- so you won't need a seating plan for guests. Party-goers can seat-hop and talk to friends and family, making them a great choice for anniversary parties. These products are stronger and more resilient than tables made from other materials, too. They are easy to clean and require little in the way of maintenance.

3. Corporate Events

Seating is really important at corporate events. Guests who have a comfortable experience are more likely to network and meet prospective clients. Rustic farm tables offer an alternative to linen-covered wooden tables at corporate functions. They make the ultimate addition to a conference or trade show and combine style with comfort.

Rustic farm tables are natural, strong and provide you with a return on your investment. Use them for a wedding, anniversary or corporate event and impress your guests.

Willie Fun Events offers rustic farm tables and farm table benches for any event. This full-service event hire company provides table and chair rentals for customers in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin areas, including cocktail and banquet tables. Click here to find out more.

Frozen Drink, Margarita, Slushie Machine Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Slushie/Frozen Drink Machine in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

When attending a wedding reception, a child's birthday party or any other type of social event, there are few things more fun than enjoying a slushie or a cold frozen drink. The Spruce lists several advantages of getting a slushie machine instead of just a blender. A few include producing consistent results and providing insulation for the drinks. There are several tips to keep in mind when renting a frozen drink machine for your next event.

Make Sure to Get the Right Size

Frozen drink machines come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. While you don't want to rent a machine that is larger than what you need, you definitely don't want to run out of tasty slushies or ice-cold margaritas. It's a good idea to rent a fairly large machine to make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand for all your guests.

Understand the Different Types of Machines

There are machines that have clear bowls and those that are stainless. Machines that have clear bowls are often preferred over those that are completely metal. Machines with the clear bowl on the top can have more servings ready at the beginning of an event when demand is normally the highest.

Different Drinks Produce Different Results

The type of drink you're making will affect the texture of the drink in the machine and how long it will take to prepare. Drinks with more sugar will crystallize more quickly and have a thicker texture. Those with less sugar or those made with milk will take longer and will normally not be quite as slushy. Drinks that are completely sugar-free or diet may not slush at all.

Quality Drink Mixes Are as Important as the Alcohol

When serving alcoholic drinks, it's important to remember that having a good mix is the key to great-tasting drinks. Spending money for top-of-the-line tequila isn't necessary, since the drinks will be ice-cold. The Washington Post states that one of the secrets to a great frozen drink is to make sure to have a good ratio of ice, alcohol and mix.

It's important to take the time to review different types of machines to make sure you rent the best size and type for your event. When you need to rent a frozen drink machine in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area make sure to contact Willie Fun Events for all your rental needs. You can make everything from frozen smoothies and lemonade to frozen coffees and cocktails. Not worrying about your guests having plenty of great-tasting drinks will make your next event as enjoyable as possible.