Milwaukee Chocolate Fountain Rentals - Wisconsin Chocolate Fountain Rental

4 Milwaukee Chocolate Fountain Rental Ideas and Tips

Chocolate is one of America's favorite foods. The Midwest region is responsible for 24 percent of the country's total chocolate consumption, and Milwaukee is home to some of the nation's best chocolate shops. If you are organizing an event, renting a chocolate fountain will provide sweet-toothed guests with a delicious, indulgent snack. Not only will your chocolate fountain get everyone talking, but it will provide guests with the ultimate photo opportunity. Here are some ideas and tips for hiring a chocolate fountain for your event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Tell Your Guests About Your Chocolate Fountain

Don't keep it a secret -- tell your guests you are renting a chocolate fountain. Mentioning your chocolate fountain in your party invitations could increase interest in your event and boost attendee numbers.

Chocolate fountains have exploded in popularity recently and have become staples at events like birthday parties, wedding receptions and corporate events. You can make your chocolate fountain the centerpiece of your big event.

2. Choose the Right Location

Choose a good location to set up your chocolate fountain. A sturdy table in the corner of the room is your best option. This will prevent guests, especially young children, from accidentally knocking over the item.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, keep your chocolate fountain in a shady area, away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the chocolate could melt. Better still, keep it somewhere inside.

"Pick a location away from air conditioning ducts, swinging doors, dance floors, exterior doors, etc.," says "If you are at a facility that dictates where you need to set up, be assertive if the location is bad. Being directly under A/C ducts is awful as the cold air will actually cool the chocolate and it will start to harden and flow terribly."

3. Pick the Right Rental Company

Several rental companies in Wisconsin will let you hire a chocolate fountain for an upcoming event. However, you should choose one that provides you with excellent levels of customer service and value for money.

Willie Fun Events is a full-service rental company that specializes in Milwaukee party rentals like chocolate fountains. You don't have to worry about transporting your fountain to your event venue -- the company includes delivery and pickup in the rental price. You can also rent a large table for your chocolate fountain or other event accessories like movie screens and bars.

4. Lay Down Some House Rules

Chocolate fountains are a fun party accessory that your guests will love. You still need to lay down some house rules, though. For hygiene reasons, make sure guests don't dip food they have already eaten in the fountain, and keep plenty of fresh skewers on the surrounding table. You might also want to limit the amount of time your chocolate fountain is in operation. If you are hosting a wedding reception, for example, you can turn off your chocolate fountain during speeches and other formalities.

These are just four ideas and tips for renting a chocolate fountain in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. These fun party accessories make the ultimate addition to a social or corporate event and are sure to go down well with your guests.

Want to hire a chocolate fountain today? Click here to contact Milwaukee party rental company Willie Fun Events and receive a quote.

Silver Chiavari Chair Rental in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Madison, Wisconsin

Renting Silver Chiavari Chairs for Your Wedding or Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Silver Chiavari chairs are synonymous with pomp and circumstance. Royal weddings, Presidential visits, grand banquets -- these Italian-created chairs are the top choice for the world's most prestigious events. It's no wonder, then, that you can find them in Buckingham Palace and the White House state dining room. While you might not have the budget of a member of the royal family, you can decorate your next event with these dazzling party accessories. Here are some ideas and tips for hiring silver Chiavari chairs in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Order Extra Chairs

Whether you're hosting a birthday party or corporate event, you can never have too many silver Chiavari chairs. If more people arrive at your event than you expected, you don't want to be scrambling around looking for additional seats. So hire a few extra chairs to be on the safe side.

The good thing is that Chiavari chairs are a lot lighter than you think -- they only weigh around 10 pounds -- making them easy to set up at your event and transport around your venue. You can stack any spares in the corner of the room until you need them.

2. Decorate Your Chairs

Silver Chiavari chairs are characterized by their elegant design, which evokes the style of an Italian country house. However, you can customize these accessories with a cushion or two in a color scheme that compliments the rest of your event venue. Alternatively, tie a balloon to a leg of a chair or decorate the back with a ribbon.

Don't forget to decorate your tables, too. Choosing table linen in the same color as your cushions will create a uniform look that your guests will love. Pick table centerpieces, like flowers and candelabras, and other Milwaukee party rentals that honor your color scheme as well.

3. Choose the Right Hire Company

There are several hire companies in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. However, you should be sure to pick one that will provide you with excellent customer service and great value for your money. This will ensure you get the best-quality silver Chiavari chairs for your next event.

Willie Fun Events is a full-service Milwaukee party rental company that specializes in party accessories like Chiavari chairs. Plus, delivery and pickup are included in the price, so you won't have to worry about fitting these items in your car.

Planning a big event? Look no further than Willie Fun Events. This company has Chiavari chairs in a wide range of colors, such as gold, white, black and, of course, silver. Click here to request a quote.

 Silver chiavari chair rental in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin

Silver chiavari chair rental in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin

Sumo Suit Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting Sumo Suits for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Sumo suits are the ultimate party accessory -- a fun way to entertain your guests and make your event a memorable one. These inflatable costumes let your guests dress up, leap in the air and belly-bump each other on a bouncy wrestling mat.

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, graduation or corporate event, sumo suits will provide your attendees with hours of fun. Here are four ideas and tips for renting sumo suits for your next event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Room

A sumo wrestling mat is pretty big, so make sure you have enough room in your event space to accommodate this item, especially if you want spectators to watch all the fun. If you're hosting your event at home, you might need to place your wrestling mat in your backyard if there's not enough space inside.

2. Raise Money for Charity

Why not organize a charity sumo wrestling match? Ask event attendees to donate a small amount of cash in exchange for time on the wrestling mat. You can split your guests into small groups and give the money to the winning team's favorite non-profit. Advertise your charity sumo wrestling match on your event invitations and social media profiles.

3. Hire Other Fun Party Accessories, Too

Sumo suits are a brilliant way to entertain your guests at your next event, but there are loads of other accessories you can hire, too. Items like bouncy houses, obstacle courses and movie screens will help you create the perfect party. Don't forget about Milwaukee party rentals like chairs, tables and tents, either.

4. Choose a Reputable Company

There are several Milwaukee party rental companies, but you need to find one that you can trust. Willie Fun Events specializes in sumo suits and other accessories. The company has provided equipment for festivals, schools, corporate functions and private events in the area. What's more, you get delivery and pickup included in the price of your rental. Request a free quote now.

Planning a party? Hire sumo suits! These inflatable costumes provide your guests with the perfect photo opportunity and will get everyone talking. Click here for more information about hiring sumo suits for your next event.

 Milwaukee Waukesha Racine Sumo Suit Rental Wisconsin

Milwaukee Waukesha Racine Sumo Suit Rental Wisconsin

Inflatable Rentals for Festivals in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Pewaukee

How to Rent Inflatables and Bounce Houses for Summer Festivals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Planning a summer festival? Hire a bounce house or inflatable -- it's a brilliant way to entertain your guests. Whether you're organizing a music concert or food festival, these giant party accessories make the perfect addition to your event. Here are some tips for adding bounce houses and inflatables to your festival this summer.

1. Think About Safety

Always make sure your inflatables comply with local safety regulations -- this protects event attendees from injuries. Regulations vary from state to state, so check guidelines here in Wisconsin before you hire an item.

There are additional safety tips, too. You can place a sign in front of your bounce house or inflatable with information on safety hazards. Advise guests that wrestling on an inflatable or climbing the net walls could be dangerous, for example. You might even want to hire someone to monitor event attendees when they use an inflatable. This provides you with peace of mind, especially if guests will be drinking alcohol at your festival.

Additionally, prevent guests from taking drinks onto an inflatable, as these can spill and cause an injury.

2. Choose an Experienced Rental Company

There are several party rental companies in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, but not all of these are the same. Choose a company that has lots of experience and provides you with excellent value for money.

Willie Fun Events is a full-service hire company that specializes in bounce houses and other inflatables for festivals and private events. They have lots of experience and have featured in the publications OnMilwaukee and Milwaukee Magazine.

On their website, you will find a wide range of party accessories for your summer festival, including inflatable obstacle courses, football games and sports tunnels. Delivery, setup and pickup are all included in the rental price, and you can even hire a generator if you need additional power for your inflatable.

3. Reserve Ahead of Time

Bounce houses and inflatables are becoming increasing popular at summer festivals in Wisconsin, so reserve ahead to avoid disappointment. Otherwise, you might find that the best party accessories are already taken.

When you hire an inflatable, you might also want to find out about other Milwaukee party rentals you can add to your event. These include tables, chairs, movie screens and even casino games.

Follow these three tips if you want to incorporate a bounce house or inflatable into your summer festival this year. These accessories will provide your guests with hours of fun and ensure everyone has a good time.

Want to hire an inflatable today? Click here to request a quote from Milwaukee party rental company Willie Fun Events, or call 414-425-9459 for more information.

 Inflatable rentals for festivals in Wisconsin

Inflatable rentals for festivals in Wisconsin

Lounge Furniture Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Ideas & Tips for Renting White Lounge Chairs & Couches for Events in Milwaukee

If you are hosting a large party, event or wedding, there are so many details that need to be taken care of before the big day. The success of your party can be a reality if you pay attention to details that will make your guests feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. One of the best ways you can do this is by investing in some Milwaukee party rentals, such as some white lounge chairs and white lounge couches. The benefits of renting these accoutrements for your event include:

•          Comfort: Your guests will probably mingle for a while, but then as the evening lingers they are likely to search for a comfortable spot to sit and chat. High heels and party shoes tend to pinch or become tiresome after a couple of hours. These sturdy, comfortable and attractive white lounge chairs and couches provide a nice place to chat with new -- or -- old friends.

•          Versatility: You can position a white lounge couch alone in a corner or add a couple of the white lounge chairs to form an intimate area for conversation. The chairs are perfect to place near the dance floor area so that seniors or those who want to sit down for a particular song don't have far to go to relax. The chairs and couches can also be placed in front of a scenic backdrop so that your guests can take souvenir pictures. This is always a popular and entertaining pastime for party attendees, particularly if you add a few funny props.

•          Appearance: The white lounge chairs and couches add a touch of elegance and class to any venue. They help transform the room into a place where magic happens!


Don't place the white lounge chairs and couches where they will interfere with the flow of traffic throughout the room.

Consider the space of the venue and the number of people who will be attending. If the event room is quite large, you may need several of the couches and chairs placed throughout the perimeter of the room. If you are hosting a small wedding or an intimate party, you may need just a few, to create conversation areas away from the band or deejay.

 White lounge furniture rental for events in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

White lounge furniture rental for events in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Graduation Party Rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin - Milwaukee Tent Rentals

4 Rental Ideas and Tips for a Graduation Party in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Tens of thousands of students in Milwaukee and Wisconsin will graduate in 2018. Whether you're hosting a high school or college graduation party -- perhaps you study at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or Milwaukee Area Technical College -- renting a few accessories will turn your event into a huge success. Here are some tips and ideas for renting items for your graduation party.

1. Plan Ahead

Wisconsin's 74 colleges and universities serve 213,725 full-time students, and while not all of these students will graduate this year, it's a good idea to plan your graduation party in order to avoid disappointment. Book your venue early and hire party accessories ahead of time. Popular items like tables, chairs and tents are highly sought-after -- order yours now and beat the rush.

Willie Fun Events is a full-service rental company that specializes in accessories for graduation parties. You can order your items online, or over the phone, and have them delivered to your venue on the big day. That's one less thing to worry about! Willie Fun Events provides rental services to soon-to-be graduates in the Milwaukee, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Mequon, River Hills and Fox Point areas

2. Add Some Fun to Your Graduation Party

Graduation ceremonies can be long and tiresome events. Inject some fun into your graduation by hosting a post-ceremony party with fun accessories like bouncy houses and other inflatables. These colorful items provide your guests with hours of fun and are a cost-effective way to add a competitive element to your event. You can host bouncy house competitions, for example, and award a prize to the person who jumps the highest or the longest. Alternatively, rent a water slide or inflatable obstacle course.

Whether you are holding a graduation party in a local venue or your backyard, Willie Fun Events provides you with everything you need for your special event. Delivery, setup, pick up -- the company includes all of this in the price when you hire an inflatable. Willie Fun Events also offers generator rental if you need some additional power.

3. Don't Forget About Food

Keeping your guests fed and watered will ensure your graduation party goes off with a bang. But where is everyone going to sit? Willie Fun Events has you covered. From folding chairs to garden chairs, round tables to banquet tables, the company has a wide range of seating options for every occasion.

Looking for something a little bit different? Hire the company's LED light-up portable bar, which lets you serve drinks to your guests (alcohol for the over-21s only!). For a touch of glamor, rent huge throne chairs which will make you feel like royalty on graduation day!

4. Host a Movie Night

Prefer something a little more chill? Host a graduation movie night, where you show a classic film on a big screen. You can choose a graduation-themed flick for your event. Movies like Grease, American Pie and, of course, The Graduate are perfect for watching after you've received your diploma. Just don't forget the popcorn!

Willie Fun Events offers inflatable movie screen packages with delivery, setup and pick up all included. You get all the equipment you need to show your favorite graduation movie: PA system, screen, projector and DVD player.

Hosting a graduation event soon? Follow the four tips on this list and create an experience that your guests will remember for years to come. Willie Fun Events has all the party accessories for your ultimate graduation party. Click here to request a quote!

Milwaukee Bounce House Rental - Milwaukee Inflatables Rental

Milwaukee Bounce House Rental

Nothing creates a party atmosphere like a bounce house. These fun, colorful party accessories will make the perfect addition to your upcoming special event. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, anniversary or corporate function, bounce houses are enjoyed by both children and adults. Here are some ideas and tips for renting a bounce house in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Host a Jumping Competition

Did you know that the longest bounce jumping marathon took place over 37 hours and 14 seconds, according to Guinness World Records? Or that the record for the highest indoor jump is seven feet and 11.66 inches? Who knows, one of your party guests could break this record!

Hosting a jumping competition at your next event is a great way to break the ice and create a memorable experience. You can divide friends, family or colleagues into two group and hand over a small prize to the winning team. Alternatively, donate cash to the winning group's favorite charity.

2. Spice Up a Corporate Event

Who said work events had to be boring? With a bounce house, you can introduce a fun element to a conference or networking event and wow your colleagues. Studies show that jumping reduces stress, decreases blood pressure and releases endorphins -- your body's feel-good chemical.

Alternatively, invest in Milwaukee bounce house rental to entice visitors at a trade show or exhibition. This can be a great way to promote your product or service, and you can even hand out promotional items that advertise your business. Placing a bounce house next to your booth at one of these events will demand attention and ensure you generate a steady stream of footfall throughout the day.

3. Incorporate Other Fun Items into Your Event

Bounce houses aren't the only party accessories that will impress your guests. Why not hire an inflatable obstacle course? Or a zorb hamster wheel? Willie Fun Events, a full-service rental company in Wisconsin, has a wide range of inflatables that will transform your next event. Delivery, set-up, pick-up -- everything's included in the price.

Want to hire a bounce house? These Milwaukee party rentals are a fantastic way to inject some fun into your event. Reserve one now to avoid disappointment. Click here to find out more.

Milwaukee Electronic Basketball Game Rental - Pop a Shot Rental Wisconsin - March Madness Rental

4 Reasons Why You Should Rent an Electronic Basketball Pop a Shot Game in Milwaukee and Wisconsin for March Madness

It's a no-brainer. Renting an Electronic Basketball Pop a Shot Game in Milwaukee and Wisconsin will make your March Madness party the talk of the town.

Revive your college days and get everyone in on the fun, cheering for their favorite teams, and for each other! Here are a few great reasons why the Electronic Basketball Pop a Shot Game is the best choice for this event.

1. It Encourages Playing Together

If you have teenagers over to your house party, but just can't seem to get them off their digital gadgets, this game is a game changer! Everyone will love the Electronic Basketball Pop a Shot Game. People get to play as well as cheer for each other, so it brings a more festive and united vibe to your party.

2. It's the Easiest Way to Throw Together a Themed March-Madness Party

Even if you don't own a basketball court, this rental piece will do the trick! You could opt for the Basketball Game indoors, while the kids enjoy a Milwaukee Bounce House Rental out on your lawn. That way, everyone gets a chance to have fun.

3. It Encourages Creativity

Guests will have great fun imagining they are playing defense and soaring through the air. Make them feel all the action of sinking a three-pointer in the last few seconds of the game. By having an electronic basketball game either as your party's centerpiece or on the side, you'll be getting everyone into game spirit right away.

4. There's No Age Limit

In case you have different age groups over to enjoy March Madness, this game rental is one that doesn't limit your players. From your littlest basketball fans, to their grandparents, everyone gets a chance to score.

Party planners who want to find unique and affordable rentals for their events, we've got you covered! Come to for all of your party rental needs. From Wisconsin searchlight truck rentals to bouncing castles and fun booths, we have it all. Call us today to place an order!

Milwaukee Blacklight Rental - Black Light Rental in Wisconsin

Renting Blacklights for Your Next Milwaukee Party or Event

Are you looking for a way to make your next party or outdoor event more spectacular, something that your guests will be talking about for months (and years) to come? Consider renting blacklights for your next party.

How to use black lights to make your party more memorable

Using blacklights at your party can give the entire area a special, eerie hue as well as make certain colors, like white, stand out for added drama. Just a few ideas on how to use blacklights effectively include...

1. Define a specific area.

One fun way to use blacklights for an event is to define a specific area, such as a dance floor or an area for special guests.

2. Add glow LED furniture to enhance the blacklight effect.

Combining black lights with glow LED furniture works to enhance the blacklight effect and make your party seem more festive. This type of inflatable furniture has tiny LED lighting built inside of each piece for a "glow in the dark" look.

Tips for renting blacklights for your party

To get the most from your blacklight decor, consider the following...

1. Keep the lighting low.

One of the keys to a good blacklight effect is to keep the natural lighting minimal. This could mean covering your windows with black paper and replacing any light bulbs with black light bulbs.

2. Issue each guest a glow light upon arrival.

To make sure that your guests can navigate the dark terrain of your blacklight decor, give each of them a coordinating glow stick when they arrive at the party. Alternately, you could give each guest a welcome beverage in a glow in the dark cup.

3. Rent more black lights for more guests.

The more guests you plan on having at your party, the more blacklights you are going to need. That's because bodies of your guests will block the glow from the lights and create dark shadows.

Milwaukee party rentals

To learn more about renting blacklights for your next Milwaukee area event or party, visit Willie Fun Events or call us at 414-425-9459

Milwaukee Obstacle Course Rental, Renting an Obstacle Course in Wisconsin

Renting an Inflatable Obstacle Course in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Are you planning a child's birthday party? Are you in charge of lining up entertainment for your school's Spring Carnival? Is your neighborhood block party coming up? Do you need something all ages can enjoy at your upcoming company picnic?

Any special event can be made more special with the addition of inflatables. Quite literally, bounce houses and other inflatables are instant fun. Simply plug in the motor and within minutes you've got an attraction that lures both the young and the young at heart.

Here's How to Really Pump Up the Fun Factor!

Inflatable bounce houses and slides are fun. However, they can get monotonous. Each time you step into an inflatable obstacle course, on the other hand, you'll experience something entirely unique! Willie Fun Events has two huge obstacle courses to choose from.

Our 55x15x15-foot course is packed with pop-ups to get over, under, or around; tunnels to climb through; a giant climbing wall to scale; then a slippery slide to bring you to the finish line.

Our 74x15x17-foot Extreme Ninja course is the largest inflatable obstacle course available in Milwaukee! Its double-lane pop-ups are ideal for friendly competition. After the pop-ups, there are two climbing walls then a giant slide to the bottom.

Keep Them Busy, Wear Them Out and Keep Them Motivated!

Inflatable obstacle courses are fun for kids and adults alike. But, let's face it… one reason why parents love events with inflatables is that they provide a safe place for kids to burn all of that youthful energy! When you rent an inflatable obstacle course for your event, you can:

Break your group into teams and have a tag-team style race through the course. You could have each team wear a different color T-shirt to boost the team spirit factor and provide fun prizes for the winners.

Time each individual as he or she goes through the course, encouraging them to complete it as quickly as they can. Present first-, second- and third-place winners prizes, ribbons or medals.

Use the inflatable obstacle course as the centerpiece of a larger obstacle course you and your party-planning crew create! You can incorporate a baby pool at the bottom of the obstacle course slide, a mini trampoline, jump ropes, hula hoops, pogo sticks … the sky's the limit! The more creative, the better!

If you're looking for an attention-grabbing addition to your next event, whether it's a small event or a large event, check out our inflatable obstacle courses today!

 Milwaukee inflatable obstacle course rental

Milwaukee inflatable obstacle course rental

 Waukesha and Wisconsin inflatable obstacle course rental

Waukesha and Wisconsin inflatable obstacle course rental

Classic Arcade Game Rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, Vintage Arcade Game Rental

Renting Classic Arcade Games in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

The classic arcade games of the '70s and '80s are making a comeback. Available for private parties, weddings, proms and corporate events, these games will get all your guests up and talking. Here are some ideas and tips for renting retro arcade games in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Play for Prizes at Your Next Work Event

Most classic arcade machines might be one-player games, but you can get everyone involved in the fun at your next corporate event. Why not split event visitors into small groups and play for prizes? The team with the players who score the most points in a game of "Pac-Man" or "Donkey Kong" will win a small reward, such as a bottle of wine or gift voucher.

The best thing is that you won't have to transport a heavy arcade game to your corporate event yourself. Willie Fun Events is a full-service, party-rental company in Franklin, Wisconsin that will transport your chosen arcade game to your venue, saving you loads of time and hassle.

2. Host a Classic Games Night

Classic arcade games have been around for decades, and you can pay tribute to the era they originate from at a forthcoming event. You might want to host a classic games night where you celebrate titles such as "Space Invaders," which became popular in the '80s. Stick with the theme and play music from that decade or serve classic food items that were popular at the time for your party. Want to host a "Pac-Man" theme party? Encourage your guests to dress up as characters from the games franchise. These include Pac-Man himself or the spooky ghosts that appear in the game: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Willie Fun Events has a wide range of classic arcade games for your next party. Titles like "Centipede" and "Galaga" will certainly create a buzz and add a competitive element to your event. You can also combine these games with traditional casino games like poker and blackjack.

3. Book Ahead

After you've booked a venue, sent out all the invitations and sorted out the catering for your next event, then what's next? Hiring an arcade game will provide you with a focal point at a party and could even encourage your guests to stick around longer. It's a good idea to book ahead though. Arcade games have become increasingly popular in Milwaukee and Wisconsin in recent years, so make sure you reserve your favorite game weeks or months before your event. This way, you can avoid disappointment!

Willie Fun Events makes it easy to book an arcade game like "Pac-Man" or "Space Invaders." Just contact us by phone or talk to a member of the team via the live-chat feature on our website. You can expect a speedy response! Willie Fun Events also offers a wide range of other party accessories that will ensure your next event goes off with a bang. We are your one-stop shop for a Milwaukee bounce house rental, a Wisconsin searchlight truck rental and any kind of Milwaukee searchlight rental to make your celebration shine. Other Milwaukee party rentals we have available include tables and chairs, tents and even DJ services.

Looking for classic arcade games in Milwaukee and Wisconsin? Check out Willie Fun Events for all things retro. Here you can hire a game for your next party and create an event that everyone will remember for a long time. Click here to find out more about the type of Milwaukee party rental that's perfect for your wedding reception or other big event.

Hot Dog Warmer and Hot Dog Cart Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

4 Types of Events Where You Should Rent a Hot Dog Warmer and Cart

Besides decorations and party games, a unique food cart can make any event exciting. But it's a hot dog warmer and cart that really sets the festive mood. Popular with both kids and adults, you can serve hot dogs or frankfurters during the entire party, without the food getting cold and dry. Plus, you can also heat up or toast and grill the hot dog buns.

Got one of the following types of events coming up? Then you really should rent the perfect Hot Dog Warmer and Cart in Milwaukee and Wisconsin!

1. A Kid's Birthday Party

We all know how much energy kids have to burn! But then, they're going to want to refuel--again, and again! Keep your tiniest guests happy with party addition, like a hot dog cart and bouncy castle, and your party will be every kid in school's favorite.

2. A Carnival

The costumes may set the tone, but it's the food that really sets the mood! Make sure all your carnival attendees are happy and well-fed by having this Hot Dog Warmer and Cart on-hand throughout.

3. A Garden Wedding Party

After all of the formal wedding traditions, perhaps you have planned something a little more informal in the garden. This is where having easy snacks is perfect. Besides a Hot Dog Warmer, you could also choose from other food carts and party favors we have on offer to spruce up the garden wedding after-party.

4. The Corporate Company Picnic

If it's a casual vibe, your officemates or staff will appreciate a type of food that reminds them to let their hair down. It doesn't require any utensils to eat, and they can snack on the buns and hot dogs while roaming the garden in social exchange.

Remember, renting party additions is one of the easiest ways to plan a successful event. You don't have to necessarily buy a ton of stuff to make a good impression. Simply rent it for the day and go have a good time!

Got more events coming up, and want to save time, money and stress? Let us handle all of your party needs and catering in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Visit our website to see other great party ideas and tips!

Cross Back Chair Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting Cross Back Chairs in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

As a popular type of chair that is commonly used in a variety of personal and professional events, cross back chairs are a wonderful way to add the finishing touches to your next ceremony or event. If you're in the Milwaukee or Wisconsin area and want to know more about renting cross back chairs, check out these ideas and tips.


Perfect for weddings and receptions of all kinds, cross back chairs can provide seating for small or larger parties at a competitive price. They're available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and these chairs can even be personalized to make your event extra special.

Bridal Showers/Baby Showers

Similarly, bridal showers and baby showers are also events that are known to require the ability to seat large crowds of people. Rather than wearing out your own furniture or trying to borrow chairs from friends or relatives, you can simply rent as little or as many chairs required to seat all the guests invited to the event.

Graduation Parties and Other Events

Lastly, cross back chairs are perfect for events and parties of all kinds. No matter what type of event you may be having, it is a clever idea to rent cross back chairs. Indeed, even in the midst of the best dance party of the year, you will undoubtedly have people who just want to sit down and take a rest. By renting a sufficient number of chairs, you will eliminate issues with regards to people leaving your event early due to exhaustion and/or discomfort.

Overall, renting cross back chairs is a fairly inexpensive method of accommodating events and parties of all sizes. Whether you are setting up for a wedding, shower, or the party of a lifetime, there is no denying that renting cross back chairs is one of the most cost-effective methods of ensuring there is enough seating for all. Moreover, given that these fairly stylish chairs can even be personalized as a means of adding some extra flair to your event, there is no need to waste money on highly costly pieces for a one-time event.

Milwaukee Karaoke DJ Rental - Wisconsin Karaoke DJ

Hiring a Karaoke DJ for Your Next Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Sing your lungs out when you hire a karaoke DJ at your next event. Whether you are hosting a birthday party or product launch, karaoke is a great way to entertain your guests. Incorporate karaoke into one of these three events and create a unique live music experience.

1. Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event? Karaoke might seem like an unconventional option, but research shows that this activity is a brilliant way to socialize. Karaoke sessions bring people together, making it a good choice for team building and product launch events. You can also use karaoke to relieve stress. Studies suggest that people who sing karaoke are less anxious -- this activity reduces your heart rate and releases endorphins in the brain.

2. Wedding Reception

Instead of hiring a live band at a wedding reception, why not opt for karaoke? Your guests can sing the latest hits and classics from various genres. When you hire a karaoke machine from Willie Fun Events -- a full-service event company that serves the Milwaukee and Wisconsin areas -- a karaoke host will entertain your guests. These DJs can encourage your guests to sing along and get everyone at your event involved in the fun! At Willie Fun Events, a host is always included in each karaoke package.

3. School Prom

Karaoke is the family-friendly activity enjoyed by all ages. If you are planning a school prom, think about including karaoke at your event. Guests can sing solo, in pairs or small groups, and you can encourage everyone to get involved. This is a great way to discover new talent, too. Who knows, the next big thing could take to the mic! Willie Fun Events updates karaoke song selections every month and provides you with the latest sound reinforcement equipment -- perfect for a school prom!

Karaoke, which originated in Japan, is one of the world's most popular pastimes. Incorporate this activity into your next big event and wow your guests! Looking to hire a karaoke DJ in Milwaukee and Wisconsin? Check out Willie Fun Events. Click here to find out more.

Renting a Dart Board Game in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Dart Board for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

British carpenter Brian Gamlin created the modern-day dartboard in 1896, and this classic game has been a party favorite for more than 120 years. The premise is simple: aim, throw and score the highest number of points. Now you can replicate the classic darts experience in your own home by renting an electronic dartboard for an upcoming event. It works just the same as a regular dartboard, but it automatically keeps score for you. Want to score a bullseye? Here are three ideas for renting an electronic dartboard!

1. Organize a Darts Competition

Darts is a competitive game and is best played with a group of friends. Why not host a darts competition where you split guests into small teams? You don't need lots of equipment -- just an electronic dartboard and a few darts, and you're good to go. Make things even more interesting by giving out a prize to the team with the highest number of points. A small trophy or a bottle of wine won't cost you the earth, but it will add an extra competitive element to your game.

2. Host a Charity Event

Why not plan a fundraiser around a game of electronic darts? Ask your guests to make a small charitable donation if they want to play this game and then donate any funds to a local charity. Looking for a nonprofit? Head over to GuideStar -- an online resource that lists charities and organizations in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin area.

3. Plan a Games Night

Electronic darts is just one game you can play with friends or family. Why not plan a game night and hire an air hockey table, for example? You can split your party guests into two small teams and watch them have fun playing this classic game. Alternatively, rent a ping pong table. Willie Fun Events, a full-service party rental company in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, has a wide range of party games that will transform your next event. Other popular party games include life-sized checkers, electronic basketball and bubble hockey, which can all complement electronic darts!

Want to play darts at your next event? Willie Fun Events has an electric darts board that automatically keeps score of your game. It's easy to set up and everything you need is included. Click here to find out more!



Milwaukee Blackjack Table Rental Casino Party Rental Milwaukee

Renting a Blackjack Table for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Blackjack is one of the world's oldest casino games. Now you can play this classic game at your next event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Renting a blackjack table provides your guests with hours of fun. You can play for prizes, raise money for charity and add a competitive element to your event. Here are some tips on hiring a blackjack table in 2018.

1. Find a Reputable Rental Company

Not all rental companies in Milwaukee and Wisconsin are the same. You need a company that provides you with excellent customer service and good value for money. Willie Fun Games, a full-service rental company that serves southeast Wisconsin, lets you hire blackjack equipment for your next event. Everything is included -- table, cards and chips -- and you can hand out prizes to the player who wins the most games. You can even rent other casino equipment such as roulette tables and bingo games!

2. Hire a Professional Dealer

Take the stress out of organizing a game of blackjack with a live dealer. Willie Fun Games has professional staff who will host your blackjack games and ensure your guests have a great time. Not everyone understands the rules of blackjack, but that's OK. A professional dealer will teach your guests how to play this classic game. You can customize your blackjack game further with a DJ, waitresses, custom currency and prizes.

3. Book Ahead

Want to hire a blackjack table? Book one in advance! At Willie Fun Games, there are a number of different ways you can reserve party equipment. Just call a member of the team by phone or use the live chat feature on the company's website. It's that simple! More people are incorporating casino games into their events in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, so book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Blackjack is the classic casino game that will transform your next birthday party, anniversary or corporate event. You can hire a blackjack table and entertain your guests! Want to get started? Contact Willie Fun Games today for a quote. Alternatively, check out the company's other party accessories.

Life size Connect 4 Rental in Milwaukee Connect Four Wisconsin

3 Tips and Ideas When Renting Giant Connect Four for Your Next Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

You probably remember Connect Four from childhood. It's the game where you match four discs in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. There are nearly 2 trillion unique ways to fill a Connect Four board, so you'll never get bored of this classic game. Now you can transform up your next event with an oversized version of Connect Four. The aim of the game is the same, but everything just got bigger! Here are some ideas and tips for renting a life-sized Connect Four board for your next event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Reserve Your Giant Connect Four Board Early

Whether you want a Connect Four game for a birthday party, anniversary or prom, make sure you book ahead. This game has become increasingly popular in recent years as a party accessory, and it's easy to see why. Playing giant Connect Four injects fun into almost any event, and the game serves as the ultimate icebreaker when people meet for the first time.

2. Use Giant Connect Four as a Team Building Activity

Team building exercises come with loads of benefits. These activities increase collaboration, boost productivity, encourage creativity and enhance communication, according to research. Life-sized Connect Four is a team building activity that is not only fun but helps co-workers get to know each other better at a work party.

3. Play for Prizes

Take Connect Four to the next level and play for small prizes at your next party. You could hand out a gift to the first person who matches four discs in a row on the board, for example. Alternatively, encourage guests to get into small groups and award a prize to the winning team.

The tips and ideas will convince you to hire a giant Connect Four board for your next big event. Looking to rent one of these classic games in Milwaukee and Wisconsin? Check out Willie Fun Events, a full-service rental company that has a massive Connect Four game available for rental. Everything you need is included -- the Connect Four board and colored discs -- and you can expect the very best customer service.

life size connect 4 four milwaukee

Milwaukee Table & Chair Rental for Christmas Parties and Holiday Events

Renting Tables, Chairs and Other Accessories for Your Family Christmas Party in Milwaukee

So you've booked a DJ, sent out invitations and sorted out the catering. Your family Christmas party is sure to be a success, right? Wait! You forgot one of the most important parts of party prep. Where is everybody going to sit? Renting tables and chairs for your special event might not be the most exciting thing about planning a party, but it's certainly one of the most important. Here are some tips for renting tables and chairs, and other must-have party essentials, in Milwaukee.

1. Start Now!

With just a few weeks left before the holidays, now's a good time to sort out seating arrangements at your family Christmas party. If you are serving food at your event, a long, strong, sturdy table is a great place to keep all your snacks. Don't forget about smaller tables, either -- your party guests will need to put down their empty plates somewhere. When it comes to chairs, comfort is essential. After all, who wants to sit on a hard, uncomfortable chair at a Christmas party? Cross-back chairs, folding metal chairs, white resin chairs -- these are just some of the rental options available to you this year.

2. Don't Forget About the Table Linen

Linen can transform the look of any table and create a festive party atmosphere. White linen is the most popular choice for party planners in Milwaukee. This material is mostly used for weddings, but it's a great idea for a family Christmas party, too. Essentially a blank canvas, white linen serves as the ultimate base for table decorations like Christmas candles, candy canes and poinsettia plants. In short, white linen is clean, simple and timeless -- making it perfect for almost any event this holiday season.

3. Customize Your Glassware

Create a Christmas party that your guests will remember with custom glassware. Engraved wine and beer glasses -- you can incorporate a family crest or image into the glass -- make a great party accessory, while your guests will love personalized shot glasses. For an extra festive touch, wrap a small, thin piece of tinsel or ribbon around the stem of a wine glass. Christmas colors like red, green and gold work best.

Want to hire tables, chairs and other party accessories for your Christmas party? Check out Willie Fun Events, a full-service party rental company that serves Milwaukee and Wisconsin. You can expect the best customer service, a wide range of hire options and competitive prices. Click here to find out more.

Renting a Shuffleboard Game Table in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

6 Types of Events Perfect for Renting a Shuffleboard Table Game

Got a few events planned over the next few months? Here's how you can include a fun Shuffleboard Table Game into your party itinerary.

1. A School Reunion Event

There's nothing like getting together old friends and classmates, and hearing how and where everyone's ended up in life. Planning an event with a few games can help to warm up old friends and make new ones!

2. A Company Casino Party Night

This is a fun corporate team-building idea. Incorporating a Shuffleboard Table Game into your night will make it relaxing and enjoyable for all.

3. A Hen Party or Bachelor's Party

If you are tasked with planning your best friend's last party night before the big wedding day, a Shuffleboard Table Game is a great choice. You could have it in the corner of a club, so guests can choose whether or not they want to play, or just drink and dance the night away.

4. Your Boss' Birthday Event

Who said office parties have to be stiff and boring? Why not include games that are fun for anyone of any age or background or social status! Try renting a table game to show off everyone's intelligence at work--out of the boardroom!

5. A Housewarming Party

Impress your guests with your own skills at the shuffleboard games, and ensure that everyone has a great time. Your housewarming party can be as relaxed or as energetic as you want it to be. Incorporating fun games into your day will leave everyone with some happy memories to recall.

6. Halloween Parties

It's nearly that time of the year again! Why not entertain the kids and their parents by having game tables rented for your living room or lawn! Game tables add to the atmosphere of every party, without much effort required.

Besides the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Shuffleboard Table Game Rental, we have other products that are perfect for every kind of event! Whether you are planning for five or five-hundred guests, we've got you covered. And there are options for all ages, too!

Check out our listing of party additions and bring your own event to life!

Santa Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Santa Throne for your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

What's a holiday celebration without a jolly Santa Claus acting as the star of the show? That's the key to really making everything fall into place for your party, but you might overlook: where is he going to sit? Throne chairs create a natural centerpiece for your event, but why did this piece of furniture get associated with Santa in the first place, and where can you get one?

How Santa Got His Throne

The sleigh, reindeers and elf helpers are all part of myths and legends that surround Saint Nick, but the throne didn't show up until the late 1800s. Department stores started the tradition of Santa's Grotto, with elaborate decorations, photography once it was invented and the Santa throne. Almost every mall in the United States has a Santa that's waiting to talk to children and find out whether they've been naughty or nice.

Where Can You Get a Santa Throne

Now that you know how the Santa throne came to be, it's time to figure out where you can get one for your party. You probably don't have a use for a massive chair most of the year, so it makes sense to go with a rental option rather than buying one. Event and party supply services, such as Willie Fun Events, have all the seasonal furniture you need to turn your Christmas party a success.

Setting Up Your Santa Throne

Where should you put your Santa throne once you get it? It may be impractical to set up Santa's spot directly in the middle of your venue, whether you have a holiday bash at your home or you're renting out an event hall.

Think about the flow of traffic with families and kids waiting in line for their chance to tell Santa all about their gift wish list. Try to set the throne away from other busy areas that could become congested, such as your front entrance, buffet lines, bathrooms and the bar. Leave enough space to set up a Christmas tree, good lighting for anyone taking photos and other holiday decor.

Make your Christmas party the one everyone talks about all year round with the help of a Santa throne rental in Wisconsin and Milwaukee.