A party isn't complete without fun concession machine rentals. Willie Fun Events also offers catering equipment rentals to make sure no one is left hungry. Looking for something not pictured? Request a quote and we can help.

milwaukee snow cone machine rental

snow cone machine rental

milwaukee pretzel machine warmer rental

Pretzel Warmer Machine Rental

milwaukee charcoal grill rental

Charcoal Grill Rental


milwaukee insulated pan holder rental

Insulated pan holder rental

milwaukee beverage dispenser

beverage dispenser rental

milwaukee electric hot box rental

electric hot box rental

milwaukee drink trough rental

Drink Trough Rental 50 or 100 Gallon

waukesha popcorn machine rental milwaukee

popcorn machine rental

brookfield wi nacho machine rental milwaukee

Nacho Warmer machine rental

milwaukee hot dog machine rental

hot dog warmer machine rental


waukesha chafer dish rental

chafer dish rental


whitefish bay cooler rental

large cooler rental

milwaukee ice cream freezer rental

ice cream freezer rental

milwaukee propane grill rental

propane grill rental

margarita slushy machine rental milwaukee

Margarita - Slushy machine rental

pewaukee cotton candy machine rental milwaukee

cotton candy machine rental

soft serve ice cream machine rental

mequon milwaukee hot dog cart rental

hot dog cart rental

whitefish bay chafer dish rental


soup - sauce chafer dish rental

milwaukee coffee machine rental

coffee machine rental

milwaukee heat lamp rental

heat lamp rental

milwaukee refrigerator rental

refrigerator rental