Milwaukee Table & Chair Rental for Christmas Parties and Holiday Events

Renting Tables, Chairs and Other Accessories for Your Family Christmas Party in Milwaukee

So you've booked a DJ, sent out invitations and sorted out the catering. Your family Christmas party is sure to be a success, right? Wait! You forgot one of the most important parts of party prep. Where is everybody going to sit? Renting tables and chairs for your special event might not be the most exciting thing about planning a party, but it's certainly one of the most important. Here are some tips for renting tables and chairs, and other must-have party essentials, in Milwaukee.

1. Start Now!

With just a few weeks left before the holidays, now's a good time to sort out seating arrangements at your family Christmas party. If you are serving food at your event, a long, strong, sturdy table is a great place to keep all your snacks. Don't forget about smaller tables, either -- your party guests will need to put down their empty plates somewhere. When it comes to chairs, comfort is essential. After all, who wants to sit on a hard, uncomfortable chair at a Christmas party? Cross-back chairs, folding metal chairs, white resin chairs -- these are just some of the rental options available to you this year.

2. Don't Forget About the Table Linen

Linen can transform the look of any table and create a festive party atmosphere. White linen is the most popular choice for party planners in Milwaukee. This material is mostly used for weddings, but it's a great idea for a family Christmas party, too. Essentially a blank canvas, white linen serves as the ultimate base for table decorations like Christmas candles, candy canes and poinsettia plants. In short, white linen is clean, simple and timeless -- making it perfect for almost any event this holiday season.

3. Customize Your Glassware

Create a Christmas party that your guests will remember with custom glassware. Engraved wine and beer glasses -- you can incorporate a family crest or image into the glass -- make a great party accessory, while your guests will love personalized shot glasses. For an extra festive touch, wrap a small, thin piece of tinsel or ribbon around the stem of a wine glass. Christmas colors like red, green and gold work best.

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