Drum Fan and Misting Fan Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Tips and Ideas for Renting a Misting Fan & Drum Fan in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Summer in Milwaukee and Wisconsin can be the best time to throw an event, when the weather is warm and people are enjoying a more relaxed pace to their days. But summer events have one problem: It gets hot out there. This is why you should consider renting a misting fan or a drum fan to keep your guests cool at your next gathering.

Misting Fans and Why to Rent One

There's nothing like celebrating al fresco to make a party festive. Who wants to be inside when you can be socializing on the grass or on a patio in the sunshine, sipping cocktails and barbecuing? Nobody wants to be stuck indoors in the summertime. However, sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate with the perfect cool breezes for your outdoor party.

A misting fan is just like a regular fan, but it utilizes a hose to create not just a breeze, but a cool breeze. Think of it like an air conditioner for the outdoors. Simply hook a garden hose up to the fan and turn it on: You will now have a cool breeze that can make the area it is cooling feel up to 20 degrees cooler. This can be a lifesaver when you are hosting a party on your deck on a hot day. Instead of feeling overheated, you and your guests will feel fresh and cool even if the temperature climbs into the high 80s and 90s.

Drum Fans and Why to Rent One

A drum fan can be very useful to rent if you are holding an event in a large space like a gym or a barn. Drum fans generate a large amount of air flow, making even a space without air conditioning feel cooler due to the circulation of air in the space. If you are thinking of renting a drum fan, contact an event rental store like Willie Fun Events to discuss the size of the space where your event will be held, and how many drum fans will be needed to cool it off. Your event attendees will thank you when they feel the refreshing breeze your rented drum fans will create!