Renting a Dart Board Game in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Dart Board for Your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

British carpenter Brian Gamlin created the modern-day dartboard in 1896, and this classic game has been a party favorite for more than 120 years. The premise is simple: aim, throw and score the highest number of points. Now you can replicate the classic darts experience in your own home by renting an electronic dartboard for an upcoming event. It works just the same as a regular dartboard, but it automatically keeps score for you. Want to score a bullseye? Here are three ideas for renting an electronic dartboard!

1. Organize a Darts Competition

Darts is a competitive game and is best played with a group of friends. Why not host a darts competition where you split guests into small teams? You don't need lots of equipment -- just an electronic dartboard and a few darts, and you're good to go. Make things even more interesting by giving out a prize to the team with the highest number of points. A small trophy or a bottle of wine won't cost you the earth, but it will add an extra competitive element to your game.

2. Host a Charity Event

Why not plan a fundraiser around a game of electronic darts? Ask your guests to make a small charitable donation if they want to play this game and then donate any funds to a local charity. Looking for a nonprofit? Head over to GuideStar -- an online resource that lists charities and organizations in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin area.

3. Plan a Games Night

Electronic darts is just one game you can play with friends or family. Why not plan a game night and hire an air hockey table, for example? You can split your party guests into two small teams and watch them have fun playing this classic game. Alternatively, rent a ping pong table. Willie Fun Events, a full-service party rental company in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, has a wide range of party games that will transform your next event. Other popular party games include life-sized checkers, electronic basketball and bubble hockey, which can all complement electronic darts!

Want to play darts at your next event? Willie Fun Events has an electric darts board that automatically keeps score of your game. It's easy to set up and everything you need is included. Click here to find out more!