Renting Tailgate Games at Miller Park in Milwaukee

Ideas and Tips for Renting Tailgate Games for Brewers Events at Miller Park

Are you ready to cheer on Milwaukee's best … the Brewers? Diehard fans know that being a Brewers fan is not just about baseball. It's a lifestyle. And, when the team's playing at home at Miller Park, it's a downright party! The game itself is just part of the fun of baseball season. Tailgating before, after, and during the game is just as important to superfans!

Take Your Tailgate to the Next Level

Burgers and brats, check. Beer, double check! Most tailgaters have no problem delivering a full spread of food, booze, and kid-approved beverages. But what really sets a typical tailgate gathering apart from a full-blown event is having plenty of entertainment to keep your crowd entertained and hanging out at your tailgate rather than someone else's. Check out these tailgate games that are tons of fun for all ages!

•          Cornhole. If there is one game that is synonymous with tailgating, that has got to be cornhole. It's so simple even a child can get the hang of it: try to throw the beanbag into the hole. It's so popular because it's much harder than it looks! Cornhole is great for fun, friendly competition. Also known as Bags Rental.

•          High Striker. You've seen this game at carnivals. Now you can bring it to your tailgate! This is the game where you slam down a huge mallet to send a puck up the tower and, if you're strong enough, ring the bell at the top. Are you strong enough? Are your friends? It's fun finding out!

•          Kan Jam. In this fast-paced two-on-two flying disc game, one player throws the disc toward the goal and his partner tries to deflect it so it goes into the goal. If it does, you get a point. If a player makes a goal without any help from his partner, he instantly wins!

•          Life-sized versions of favorite classics. Connect 4. Jenga. Checkers. Chess. Kerplunk. Operation. These are classic games for a reason. Everyone loves them! You can get them in huge sizes for your group to enjoy!

•          Electronic Football and Basketball. You'll be less likely to become an armchair quarterback when you realize that making an accurate throw is harder than it looks!

Why host a tailgate when you can host a Willie Fun tailgate? Willie Fun Events is literally the name of the game when you're ready to take your tailgate to the next level. When you rent tailgate games from Willie Fun Events, rather than buy them outright, you can change things up each time. Contact us to learn about our entire selection and affordable rentals on tailgating games!

Milwaukee Miller Park tailgate games rental

Milwaukee Miller Park tailgate games rental