Carnival Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Carnival Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Whether you're planning a large summer BBQ or a highly anticipated reunion, carnival games instantly elevate any event. From festivals to corporate parties, weddings to private gatherings, carnival game rentals make any event a memorable, fun-filled experience.

6 Carnival Game Rentals for Your Next Event

If you're planning an upcoming event in Wisconsin or Milwaukee, why not take your plans to new heights? Whether you're planning a party for your 30th birthday or for your parent's 50th wedding anniversary, carnival games are the perfect addition. Bringing guests closer together, the following games will ensure a memorable experience that will be talked about for years to come.

1. Dunk Tank

Nothing screams "carnival" quite like the dunk tank. This game rental will have every guest on their toes as they watch in anticipation. While one guest sits on a plank overlooking a pool of water, another guest will try to dunk them -- all it takes is a ball and one good throw. Everyone will be in stitches, especially when an employee gets the chance to "dunk" their boss.

2. Life-size Chess

When you have a chess board in your yard that is larger-than-life, guests instantly take notice. Although this is not a "traditional" carnival game, this unique game-playing experience will draw crowds and is a must-have addition to any party. Whether you want to challenge your brother to a long-awaited rematch or have a good laugh with a coworker, this game is a perfect choice.

3. Classic Arcade Games

Classic arcade games never go out of style. Regardless of your age (or the age of your guests), arcade games allow everyone to get involved. Best of all, these games will bring back old, fond memories all while making new memories with those you love. With a range of options to choose from, there's something for everyone.

4. Clown Toss Game

Everyone remembers going to the carnival and watching people win big. Most of the time, it involved throwing a ball at a target. Whether you want to reenact this experience or just have an absolute blast, the clown toss game will add a competitive element to your next event. You can even add prizes or an inflatable carnival midway to game rentals, ensuring a more authentic experience.

5. Glass Bottle Ring Toss

Another classic, especially for those who love the excitement associated with prize-winning games, glass bottle ring toss will have everyone huddling around. This full-size game is the perfect addition to any event and appeals to guests of all ages.

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6. Balloon Dart Game

The fun never stops when you're aiming to burst balloons. Simply set this game up at the beginning of your party or event, and watch as your guests line up to pop as many balloons as they can. More of a Milk Bottle Toss fan? Well then, Spill the Milk is another great option, testing your eye-hand coordination one throw after the next.

It's Time to Take Your Next Event to New Heights

Sure, good food and great company are key to any successful event, but why stop there? Having a source of entertainment, such as an array of carnival games, is what allows guests of all ages to laugh and truly enjoy the company of others.

Make your next event one to remember! Whether you choose nostalgic games that bring you and your family back to your childhood or competitive carnival games that get the whole office involved, we have everything you need to elevate your next event.

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