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Renting Blacklights for Your Next Milwaukee Party or Event

Are you looking for a way to make your next party or outdoor event more spectacular, something that your guests will be talking about for months (and years) to come? Consider renting blacklights for your next party.

How to use black lights to make your party more memorable

Using blacklights at your party can give the entire area a special, eerie hue as well as make certain colors, like white, stand out for added drama. Just a few ideas on how to use blacklights effectively include...

1. Define a specific area.

One fun way to use blacklights for an event is to define a specific area, such as a dance floor or an area for special guests.

2. Add glow LED furniture to enhance the blacklight effect.

Combining black lights with glow LED furniture works to enhance the blacklight effect and make your party seem more festive. This type of inflatable furniture has tiny LED lighting built inside of each piece for a "glow in the dark" look.

Tips for renting blacklights for your party

To get the most from your blacklight decor, consider the following...

1. Keep the lighting low.

One of the keys to a good blacklight effect is to keep the natural lighting minimal. This could mean covering your windows with black paper and replacing any light bulbs with black light bulbs.

2. Issue each guest a glow light upon arrival.

To make sure that your guests can navigate the dark terrain of your blacklight decor, give each of them a coordinating glow stick when they arrive at the party. Alternately, you could give each guest a welcome beverage in a glow in the dark cup.

3. Rent more black lights for more guests.

The more guests you plan on having at your party, the more blacklights you are going to need. That's because bodies of your guests will block the glow from the lights and create dark shadows.

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