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4 Ideas and Tips for White Lounge Furniture Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

People often associate the color white with simplicity and cleanliness. Brides wear white wedding dresses to symbolize pureness, for example. Hiring white lounge couches and chairs for a wedding reception or birthday party will let you add a neutral color scheme to your event and create a sleek, simple look that your guests will love. Here are four ideas and tips for renting white furniture in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Host a White Party

White parties have become increasingly popular in recent years. The dress code is simple: white shoes, white trousers, white t-shirts, you name it. The first-ever white party was held in Palm Springs, Florida, back in 1990. Today, white parties take place in cities across the United States, including Los Angeles, Miami and here in Milwaukee.

Want to host a white party yourself? Don't forget to remind your guests about your dress code on your party invitations and social media posts. You can make your event even more exciting by handing out a small prize to the best-dressed guest.

White furniture like lounge chairs will transform the look of your white party. Use these in your event space -- your guests will have somewhere comfortable to sit while they mingle with other party-goers.

Want to take your party to the next level? Hire LED furniture. These multi-colored seats will illuminate your room and look great alongside your white furniture.

2. Complement Your White Furniture With White Decorations

If you want to continue the white decor theme at your event, hang white balloons and bunting in your venue space. These will complement your white furniture and create a uniform look.

"White interior design's main appeal lies in its purity," says an interior design expert at Rated People. "It's fresh and modern and best of all, it's loved for the tranquility that it brings to a room."

White can also make your venue look bigger. This color creates the illusion of larger, more spacious rooms.

3. Book Ahead

"It's the it-color right now, plain and simple," says House Beautiful. The color white is certainly popular here in Milwaukee, too. To avoid disappointment, hire white furniture long before your event takes place. This way, you won't have to search for party rental companies at the last minute.

Willie Fun Events is a full-service company that specializes in white furniture items like lounge chairs and throne chairs. The company includes delivery and pickup in the price and prides itself on its customer service.

4. Mix White Furniture With a Red Carpet

White and red are a great color combo and compliment each other beautifully. So why not lay down the red carpet at your next event? Not only can you replicate the look of a Hollywood awards ceremony, but a red carpet and white furniture will instantly attract the attention of your guests.

Willie Fun Events has a red carpet that you can hire for your special event. It comes with stanchions and red ropes, so you can cordon off an exclusive VIP area for your favorite guests!

Looking for white furniture in Wisconsin? You've come to the right place. Milwaukee party rental company Willie Fun Events has white lounge couches and chairs that will wow everyone at your next event. Click here for a quote!

White lounge furniture in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

White lounge furniture in Milwaukee and Wisconsin