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Renting a Water Slide -- Slip 'n' Slide Combo in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Summer is in full swing here in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. As temperatures soar, keep cool and take a ride on an inflatable water slide. This party accessory will make the perfect addition to your next event and wow your guests. Here are some tips and ideas for renting a water slide this summer.

1. Stay Safe

Water slides might seem like innocent fun, but they could pose a safety risk to you and your party guests. This is why it's so important to hire a water slide from a reputable company in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

Willie Fun Events specializes in inflatables like water slides and prides itself on its high-quality products. The company's topic thunder extreme water slide is the longest and tallest water slide in Milwaukee. It includes a double lane slide and a slip 'n' slide that leads into a small swimming pool.

2. Book Ahead

Milwaukee experienced a heat wave at the beginning of July, and experts predict that temperatures will continue to rise for the rest of the summer. It's no wonder, then, that fun inflatables like water slides are in great demand. Avoid disappointment by booking your water slide long before your event. This way, you can reserve your item and plan other aspects of your party.

Willie Fun Events includes delivery and pickup in the rental price of your water slide, giving you one less thing to worry about.

3. Hire Other Inflatables

If you really want to impress your party guests, incorporate other inflatables into your event. Accessories like a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course will complement your water slide and provide your guests with hours of fun.

Alternatively, hire sumo suits or a giant game of Twister. Milwaukee party rental company Willie Fun Events has a wide range of inflatables that will take your event to the next level.

Water slides are a great party accessory for both adults and children. Whether you are planning a birthday party, anniversary or corporate function this summer, stay safe, book ahead and incorporate other inflatables into your event.

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Milwaukee Water Slide and Slip n Slide Rental

Milwaukee Water Slide and Slip n Slide Rental