Hi Striker Carnival Game Rental Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Hi Striker Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

When you're responsible for planning a party or special event, you can quickly become mired down in the many details you must consider to pull off the perfect event. You've got to plan invitations or line up publicity, choose a venue, plan refreshments, come up with contingency plans in case of inclement weather, etc. But the most important thing you must do to pull off a successful event is to line up tons of activities to keep your guests occupied, engaged, and having an amazing time!

The Old Standards are Always a Hit

People who live in Wisconsin love to party! Folks in the Badger State have a knack for turning an ordinary occasion into an extraordinary celebration. Sunshine and balmy temperatures forecast for Saturday? "Let's plan a party!" Milwaukee party rental businesses are booming year-round. If a party will include young guests, it will absolutely include a bounce house rental. There's another party rental that kids of all ages love. And it's quickly becoming a staple on the Wisconsin party circuit!

A Milwaukee Party Rental for Those Who Love Friendly Competition

Consider Hi Striker an amped up version of arm wrestling. Like arm wrestling, Hi Striker tests participants' strength. This crowd-pleasing game is also often referred to as the strongman game. You've probably seen it (and tried it) at fairs and festivals. It's a tall structure marked at one-foot intervals from one to 10 feet.

To play Hi Striker, you pick up a giant mallet and slam it down onto a lever with as much brute force as you can muster. A puck attached to the lever flies upward - the more powerful your hit, the higher it goes. The object of the game is to hit the lever so hard the puck is propelled to skyward and rings a bell at the top of the tower. Hi Striker is the ideal addition to your Milwaukee party rental, because it's a hit with kids and adults! In fact, it's usually the one party game you'll find grown ups crowded around awaiting their turn to display their muscular prowess.

If you want to amp up the fun factor at your next event, by all means book the bounce house. But also surprise your guests with an amusement they may not be expecting! Hi Striker is certain to be a hit. For a really fun event, contact us at Willie Fun Events - your one-stop shop for Milwaukee party rentals for all ages and all budgets!

Milwaukee Hi Striker Game Rental

Milwaukee Hi Striker Game Rental