High Chair and Booster Seat Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Boost Your Attendance to a Higher Level: Rent High Chairs and Booster Seats in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Making family-friendly events more accessible for kids is what defines those activities. If you are planning an event that the whole family is going to attend, how well you accommodate children will be a big factor in determining if people attend or pull out. In fact, how you address their kids is what makes it a family event in the first place. Not having the added expense of childcare for your event or having to worry about how you are going to let your kid participate is a big draw. Having high chairs and booster seats available allows little ones to seamlessly participate in any event that involves sitting at a table or a meal.

There are a number of events you might be planning where high chairs would be needed or booster seats would be useful. If it’s a school or church event, family social, outdoor movie night, or the all popular birthday party, kids will be there. If there’s a meal planned or any kind of refreshment then giving them a platform built for them is a great choice. Food doesn’t even necessarily need to be involved, only children. Think bingo night, a story reading, or a community board game night. Think a concert with a kid-friendly act. You could also be hosting an all-day event that mom and dad want to attend, but don’t want to leave their kids home alone. A number of seminars, networking functions, and business events could also benefit from a kid-friendly section. Reducing the cost and thus friction between the people you’ve invited and the event you want them to attend is a good way to bump up attendance numbers.

Once you know what you need, knowing how much you need is crucial. If it’s a kids birthday party or local event, ask people to let you know how many young children they will be bringing and if they will be needing high chairs or booster seats. If you are inviting people to the event online, send a survey or an email asking people to RSVP with the number of young children they will have with them. Then with your rough tally, you’ll know how many of each you’ll need without over renting. We would suggest adding 5-10% to the total so that you can make sure you will have enough. Some people will always show up last minute.

Since booster seats aren’t something you are going to need every day like at family-friendly restaurants, the best method is to rent them, not buy them. Who needs a hundred high chairs they will only use once? How many uses are there for a boatload of booster seats on a daily basis? Don’t beat up your bottom line too much.

So, you are hosting an event in Milwaukee or Wisconsin and find yourself with the need to accommodate some kids. Hey, what do you know, we might just be able to help you out.

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High chair rental in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Bayside, Mequon, Fox Point, Madison, and Lake Geneva Wisconsin

High chair rental in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Bayside, Mequon, Fox Point, Madison, and Lake Geneva Wisconsin