Confetti Canon Launcher Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting an Arena Confetti Cannon and Launcher in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin

Are you planning an upcoming special event and looking for something extra special to add to the mix? Perhaps you have the staging all set and the lighting in place, but what you're missing is the extra touch that colorful, vibrant confetti can add. Confetti allows you to add a little sparkle, dazzle and excitement to any large event. All you need is to rent one or more high-quality arena confetti cannons and confetti launchers.

Make a Statement With an Arena Confetti Cannon

These are not just your standard handheld launchers that you might use for a home party. These large, high-performing confetti launchers really make a statement, whether you are holding your event in a sports arena, stadium or another large venue. The confetti machine launcher has enough power to create a continuous flow of confetti, at one pound per second. This massive amount of confetti is sure to wow the audience and get them to their feet cheering for more.

Perfect for All Types of Events

The confetti cannon and confetti launcher are perfect for all types of events, including corporate events, community events, school events and even large weddings. The addition of confetti can make many types of events, such as graduations, sporting events, live music events and New Year's Eve celebrations, extra special. With just the click of a button, you can launch hundreds or thousands of pounds of confetti at just the right moment like at the end of the game, as the clock strikes midnight, as the graduates toss their hats in the air, or as the happy couple say their "I dos."

Customized to Match Your Event

Best of all, you can pick the exact colors and material of confetti you want for your event. Literally, every color of the rainbow is available. You can choose one color, multiple colors, or all the colors. This is ideal for sporting events because you can choose the team colors and fill the stands with team pride. Whether you want to use tissue confetti or metallic confetti, the array of confetti will look stunning as it flows through the air, signifying a special moment during your event.

The large, heavy-duty confetti cannon and launcher can be set up to shoot from several different angles. Depending on the specific launcher you rent and how you angle the horn, the confetti can shoot upwards anywhere from 75 to 100 feet high. You decide how high and exactly where you want the confetti to shoot. When renting multiple confetti cannons, you can strategically stage them to provide the most dramatic effect.

If you are ready to make your upcoming event truly special, contact Willie Fun Events today. We offer heavy-duty, dependable confetti cannons and launchers. Our services include complete delivery, setup and pickup to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.