Santa Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Santa Throne for your Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

What's a holiday celebration without a jolly Santa Claus acting as the star of the show? That's the key to really making everything fall into place for your party, but you might overlook: where is he going to sit? Throne chairs create a natural centerpiece for your event, but why did this piece of furniture get associated with Santa in the first place, and where can you get one?

How Santa Got His Throne

The sleigh, reindeers and elf helpers are all part of myths and legends that surround Saint Nick, but the throne didn't show up until the late 1800s. Department stores started the tradition of Santa's Grotto, with elaborate decorations, photography once it was invented and the Santa throne. Almost every mall in the United States has a Santa that's waiting to talk to children and find out whether they've been naughty or nice.

Where Can You Get a Santa Throne

Now that you know how the Santa throne came to be, it's time to figure out where you can get one for your party. You probably don't have a use for a massive chair most of the year, so it makes sense to go with a rental option rather than buying one. Event and party supply services, such as Willie Fun Events, have all the seasonal furniture you need to turn your Christmas party a success.

Setting Up Your Santa Throne

Where should you put your Santa throne once you get it? It may be impractical to set up Santa's spot directly in the middle of your venue, whether you have a holiday bash at your home or you're renting out an event hall.

Think about the flow of traffic with families and kids waiting in line for their chance to tell Santa all about their gift wish list. Try to set the throne away from other busy areas that could become congested, such as your front entrance, buffet lines, bathrooms and the bar. Leave enough space to set up a Christmas tree, good lighting for anyone taking photos and other holiday decor.

Make your Christmas party the one everyone talks about all year round with the help of a Santa throne rental in Wisconsin and Milwaukee.