Milwaukee Waukesha Wisconsin LED Lounge Furniture Rental

Renting LED Lounge Furniture in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

LED furniture is bright, bold and breathtaking. Chairs, tables, bars -- all of these items add a splash of color to a drab interior. This type of furniture -- which is practical for indoor and outdoor use -- makes a great addition to any special event, too. From summer parties to corporate functions, LED furnishings are the star attraction.

Illuminate Your Backyard

Hosting a party in Milwaukee or Wisconsin this summer? LED chairs not only provide your guests with somewhere to sit but also light up your garden. Bright LEDs adorn these chairs, which will change color throughout your event. Why not rent these party essentials for your Fourth of July celebrations? They will glow just like the fireworks in the night sky! Complete the look with LED tables. If you're organizing a BBQ, they provide your guests with the perfect place to rest their empty plates.

Embellish a Corporate Event

Light-up furniture is ideal for corporate events. It will instantly catch the attention of your guests and become a conversation starter. If you plan on selling products at a trade show, LED tables and chairs will make you stand out from the crowd and lure more clients to your booth.

If you are hosting a networking event, color-change furniture makes a dramatic impression. You can change the color of your LED furniture to suit your event. Research shows that the color red, for example, increases heart rate and creates a sense of urgency -- something that's great for sales. Yellow, on the other hand, can grab the attention of window shoppers.

Decorate a Theme Party

LED furniture complements almost any event. Turn your LED chairs black or orange if you are hosting a Halloween party, for example. Alternatively, decorate your lounge and invite your friends over to watch some sport. Use green, gold and white -- the Green Bay Packers' team colors -- or blue, gold and white for the Milwaukee Brewers.

LED chairs and tables are also popular for children's birthday parties. Kids will love how this furniture changes color slowly and illuminates the entire room. For even more fun, hire inflatables like a bounce house or obstacle course. This will provide party guests with hours of fun!

Transform a Wedding Reception

LED furniture suits more formal events, too. Use light-up tables and chairs for a wedding reception, for example. If you are organizing one of these events, you can use LED tables for family and friends of the bride and groom. Color-coding tables makes it easier for guests to find their seats. Alternatively, light up all the tables in white to create a romantic atmosphere. Also, this furniture looks great in photos.

An LED drinks bar is another way to dramatically change the appearance of any wedding reception. These items catch the eye and light up the room. Your guests will know exactly where to order drinks!

LED furniture makes a fantastic addition to a summer party, theme night, corporate function or wedding reception. You can hire these items for your next event and impress your guests. Don't forget to book early, though. LED furniture is highly sought-after, especially during the summer months. For more information on LED furniture rentals, check out Willie Fun Events -- your one-stop shop for party inflatables, movie screens and tents in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

LED light up lounge furniture at an event

LED light up lounge furniture at an event