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Renting Chiavari Chairs in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Elegant and timeless, Chiavari chairs date back to the early 19th century. Carved from wood, aluminum or metal, these chairs are synonymous with glamorous events. You might find them at royal castles or million-dollar mansions. Or at the White House State Dining Room, where presidents and prime ministers relax while sipping champagne. Chiavari chairs are also seen at weddings and corporate events.

Chiavari Chairs Evoke Glamour and Style

Chiavari chairs add prestige to any event. Named after Chiavari, the Italian town from which they originate, these furniture pieces have an intricate design that will easily capture your guests' attention. The chairs come in various colors -- gold, silver, white, black and mahogany are great choices for a wedding or anniversary -- and they fuse comfort with style.

Hire a Chiavari Chair For Your Next Event

Usually, Chiavari chairs are expensive, but hiring these items works out cheaper, especially if you order in bulk. Are you planning a wedding in Milwaukee or Wisconsin? Chiavari chairs provide you with a return on your investment, and your guests will love their classic, refined design. These chairs are really comfortable, too. Chiavari chairs are popular because they suit both formal and more casual settings like tents and gardens.

You can also hire these items for a themed event. Gold Chiavari chairs tucked under a long linen-covered banquet table evoke a lavish fairytale-style dinner party. Alternatively, use Chiavari chairs at a birthday party or networking event. They are sure to make an instant impression on your guests!

You can hire tables to match your chairs, too. Matching designs will help you create the perfect event that your guests will remember.

The Benefits of Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are lighter than other types of chair -- each item only weighs between 10 and 12 pounds -- and they can be easily transported around your event space. They also have a thin design, which lets you place more chairs at a table.

Planning an event in Milwaukee or Wisconsin? Hire Chiavari chairs and wow your guests. Willie Fun Events based in Franklin has a broad range of style and color options, including mahogany gold, and black. Don't forget to book ahead!

Milwaukee Chiavari Chair Rentals

Milwaukee Chiavari Chair Rentals