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Renting an Inflatable Water Slide or Slip 'N Slide in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

The average cost of amusement park admission rose in 2016, with Disney's Blizzard Beach -- the second most-visited water park in the world -- setting you back $62 for a one-day ticket. Inflatable water slides provide you with a cheaper alternative. These must-have party accessories let you create a splash-tastic experience that your guests will love. Here are some tips for renting inflatable water slides for your next pool party.

1. Choose the Right Space

Water slides are tall, bulky items -- our water slide inflatable rental measures 25 feet in height -- so make sure you have enough overhead space when you plan your pool party. Some Slip 'N Slides are even taller -- ours is 30 feet high -- so plan accordingly.

If you are hosting an event in your yard, find out where your water lines are too. This will make it easier when you fill your slide with water.

2. Think About Safety

Water slides are fun but can potentially be dangerous. Never use inflatables during wet and windy weather and make sure these items are never left unattended. Also, water makes inflatables slippery, which can cause children to slip and fall.

Your water slide should come with safety guidelines. Always read these before you assemble the item. If in doubt, contact your rental company for more information.

3. Book Ahead

With summer just around the corner, more people in Milwaukee and Wisconsin will hire inflatables for pool parties and summer BBQs. If you are hosting an upcoming event and want to impress your guests with a water slide or Slip 'N Slide, book ahead.

Willie Fun Events -- a full-service event rental company that specializes in party accessories like bounce houses and inflatables -- lets you plan your event in advance with their simple booking system. This way, you can beat the summer rush.

Make a big splash at your next pool party with a water slide or Slip 'N Slide. These inflatables provide your guests with hours of fun and are perfect for a summer celebration. Just remember about safety, choose the right space to set up your inflatable and book ahead!

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