Electric Holding Cabinet and Electric Hot Box Rental in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Wisconsin

Renting a Heated Holding Cabinet in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

A heated holding cabinet -- or electric hot box -- will keep food warm at your next catered event. Whether you are planning a conference or wedding reception, these must-have accessories provide unparalleled food insulation, so you can serve hot snacks at the perfect temperature. Here are some tips for hiring a heated holding cabinet in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Choose the Right Size Holding Cabinet

A great heated holding cabinet is big enough for you to store and heat food but small enough to transport snacks to your guests. Most cabinets have wheels, which allows for quick transportation. This way, you can serve food at various locations at your event venue.

2. Book Ahead

More businesses in Milwaukee and Wisconsin now hire heated holding cabinets for special events. To avoid disappointment, book your electric hot box early. You might need to leave a deposit, but once you reserve your item, you can focus on other areas of event management.

3. Pay Close Attention to Safety Standards

A heated holding cabinet should be NSF listed or equivalent. This means that the product has been certified by NSF International, an organization responsible for product testing and inspection.

4. Choose the Right Food for Your Event

Once you have reserved a heated holding cabinet, choose the right snacks for your event. Pizza, sandwiches and burritos are good lunch options for a business conference. Meatball sliders and chili cheese dogs make great wedding snacks.

5. Don't Forget About Other Types of Catering Equipment

Hiring different types of catering equipment will ensure your party guests are well-fed. Miniature ice cream freezers and cotton candy machines let you serve sweet treats to everyone at your event. Large coolers, on the other hand, will keep soda drinks and bottles of water cold.

A heated holding cabinet frees up kitchen space and could save you money -- this product uses less energy than other types of food heating equipment -- making it a great accessory for an upcoming special event.

Willie Fun Events, an event party rentals company in Milwaukee, offers electric hot box rental so you can optimize event catering. The company also provides equipment like hot dog warmer machines and insulated pan holders.

Electric Hot Box Holding Cabinet Rental in Milwaukee

Electric Hot Box Holding Cabinet Rental in Milwaukee