Frozen Drink, Margarita, Slushie Machine Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Renting a Slushie/Frozen Drink Machine in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

When attending a wedding reception, a child's birthday party or any other type of social event, there are few things more fun than enjoying a slushie or a cold frozen drink. The Spruce lists several advantages of getting a slushie machine instead of just a blender. A few include producing consistent results and providing insulation for the drinks. There are several tips to keep in mind when renting a frozen drink machine for your next event.

Make Sure to Get the Right Size

Frozen drink machines come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. While you don't want to rent a machine that is larger than what you need, you definitely don't want to run out of tasty slushies or ice-cold margaritas. It's a good idea to rent a fairly large machine to make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand for all your guests.

Understand the Different Types of Machines

There are machines that have clear bowls and those that are stainless. Machines that have clear bowls are often preferred over those that are completely metal. Machines with the clear bowl on the top can have more servings ready at the beginning of an event when demand is normally the highest.

Different Drinks Produce Different Results

The type of drink you're making will affect the texture of the drink in the machine and how long it will take to prepare. Drinks with more sugar will crystallize more quickly and have a thicker texture. Those with less sugar or those made with milk will take longer and will normally not be quite as slushy. Drinks that are completely sugar-free or diet may not slush at all.

Quality Drink Mixes Are as Important as the Alcohol

When serving alcoholic drinks, it's important to remember that having a good mix is the key to great-tasting drinks. Spending money for top-of-the-line tequila isn't necessary, since the drinks will be ice-cold. The Washington Post states that one of the secrets to a great frozen drink is to make sure to have a good ratio of ice, alcohol and mix.

It's important to take the time to review different types of machines to make sure you rent the best size and type for your event. When you need to rent a frozen drink machine in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area make sure to contact Willie Fun Events for all your rental needs. You can make everything from frozen smoothies and lemonade to frozen coffees and cocktails. Not worrying about your guests having plenty of great-tasting drinks will make your next event as enjoyable as possible.