Wine Barrel rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, Rent a rustic, vintage wine barrel

Wine Barrel Rentals in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

You might love wine barrels because they play a big part in getting delicious wines from the vineyards to the stores, but they also offer a creative way to spice up your next event or your wedding. Two of the most common ways to use wine barrels are incorporating them into your decor or putting them into practical use as cocktail tables.

Wine Barrel Decor

Wine barrels are remarkably versatile as event decor pieces. The rich, colored wood fits naturally into a classy formal affair or a casual rustic environment. Its adaptable nature allows you to get a lot of mileage out of your wine barrel rental. You get to add another texture to your design plans, with a natural element that's capable of softening a modern or industrial look or blending in with a more zen style.

Wine barrels can act as barriers to prevent people from entering sensitive areas or provide a pathway around the event. They can also hold baskets, flower arrangements, wedding gifts, favors and centerpieces, so make sure to take full advantage of the flexibility offered by these decor pieces.

Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables

Want to do something different for your event than the typical folding tables? Wine barrels give you the perfect base for a table that's stunning and strong. You can set up wine barrel tables near the bar at your wedding reception and collect the wine corks used throughout the event for another interesting element.

Wine barrel tables can separate seating areas, with formal dining taking place on another type of table, and casual conversation and cocktails occurring at your unique furniture. The glass tops that many event planners use for wine barrel tables look sophisticated while remaining easy to clean.

Another trend with wine barrel furniture is adding a live edge wood topper for another natural element to your event decoration. This type of wood catches plenty of attention, and you can support a longer piece with two barrels to create larger tables.

Want to use wine barrels for your next event, but you don't want to buy them outright? Contact us to rent wine barrels in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.