Homecoming & Spirit Week Inflatable, Games, and Outdoor Movie Night rentals in Wisconsin & Milwaukee

Renting Inflatables and Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night for Your High School Homecoming and Spirit Week

Parties, prep rallies, parades -- expect all of these time-worn traditions during homecoming and spirit week. After the ceremonies are over, why not try something a little different? Hiring a bounce house or organizing an outdoor movie night provides you with a chance to catch up with friends after the formal festivities have finished. Here are three ideas that you should know about.

1. Watch Your Favorite High School-Themed Movies

A movie screen turns your backyard or school campus into a drive-in! You can even ask your guests to dress up as their favorite characters from the silver screen. High school-themed movies are a great choice for your movie night. The Last Picture Show, Back to the Future, Rebel Without a Cause, Hoop Dreams and Say Anything are the top five best high school movies of all time, according to a reader's poll on Rotten Tomatoes. Other back-to-school blockbusters include Grease, Mean Girls, High School Musical and The Breakfast Club.

Willie Fun Events, a full-service rental company based in Franklin, Wis., provides you with everything you need for your movie night. You get a projector, PA system, big screen and DVD player included in the price -- perfect for playing your favorite movies. You can even hire an inflatable poolside movie screen if you are planning a pool party for homecoming and spirit week.

2. Organize a Bounce House Fundraiser

Bounce houses are great fun for all ages. However, if you want to host an event that guests will remember for a long time, organize a bounce raise fundraiser. It's simple: ask your friends to donate cash to a local charity in exchange for bounce house time. Not only will your guests have fun, but they could raise a significant amount of money for a good cause. Struggling to find a charity? Check out GuideStar, which lists non-profits in your area.

Willie Fun Events has a wide range of bounce houses and party inflatables for your homecoming or spirit week event. These include a water slide and rock climbing inflatables. Then there's the inflatable obstacle course, which measures an impressive 55 feet by 15 feet. This massive party accessory has tunnels, pop-ups and a slide!

3. Play a Game of Giant Twister

Twister is one of the most popular games in the world. It was first released in the 1960s, and it became one of the biggest toy crazes of the 20th century. Now you play this classic game of physical skill on a much bigger scale. Giant Twister boards will keep your guests entertained at your event and provide hours of fun. You can even give a small prize to the eventual winner.

Willie Fun Events has a giant Twister board that measures 15 feet by 15 feet. Ideal for indoor and outdoor events, this inflatable is a great choice for post-homecoming and spirit week events. Invite guests over to yours and get spinnin'!

Homecoming and spirit weeks are two of the most important dates in the school calendar. Celebrate them in style by hiring a bounce house or organizing an outdoor movie night. For more information about where to hire these party accessories in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, click here.