Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin

Renting a Throne Chair for Your Wedding or Event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you're looking to put a unique spin on your wedding reception, look no further than throne chairs. In fact, not only are these chairs regal, but they're versatile enough for a multitude of other events, like baby showers and bachelor(ette) parties. Here is a look at how they can spice up your party -- just like they spiced up TV's Basketball Wives!

Wedding Receptions

Two throne chairs give the newly married couple the opportunity to "preside" over everyone else during the wedding reception. These chairs will inject an aura of fun glitz to the festivities, guaranteeing that the wedding pictures will be different from everyone else's.

Already married but want in on the fun? Don't fret. Throne chairs make great additions to anniversary parties.

Baby Showers

What better way to honor a parent-to-be than via a throne chair? It's pampering done right. (Of course, if both expectant parents will be at the party, rent two chairs instead of one.) A baby shower is a way to honor the mother-to-be before her child arrives, and a throne chair makes her feel even more special.

It can also help to determine your theme if you're having trouble settling on one. For example, maybe you're considering a queen-themed party, a little-prince-themed party or a white-and-gold party. Hint: Lemon cake truffles are gorgeous and complement the colors and regality of many a throne chair.

Throne chairs are quite versatile and work with numerous themes, from literary/storybook characters to animal motifs.

Bachelor(ette) Parties

The "prince" or "princess" is about to become a king or queen! Send the royal off in style with a throne chair. You could even rent two chairs and start the night with both members of the couple celebrating together.


Throne chairs can inject an atmosphere of glamour to many a fundraiser. This is true whether you're aiming for an upscale or more down-to-earth event. If you asked a celebrity to come to the event and pose for pictures, you could even have him or her sit in one chair while guests sit in the other chair.

Birthday Parties

Whether your loved one is turning 13, 50 or 75, know that a throne chair lends a memorable twist to the festivities. It leaves no doubt about who is the guest of honor.

Throwing a standout party these days seems to be a harder task than it used to be. Thanks to the Internet and other forms of media, people have seen and done practically everything. With throne chairs, though, you have the chance to shift the entire feel of a party.

Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Throne Chair Rental in Milwaukee, Wisconsin