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Renting a Halloween Bounce House Inflatable for Your Party

69.1 percent of Americans said they planned to celebrate Halloween in 2016, and around two-thirds of these intended to throw a Halloween-themed party, according to research. Expect more of the same this year as families carve pumpkins, take children trick-or-treating and dress up in costume to mark this annual holiday. If you are planning a Halloween party of your own, hiring a bounce house will wow your guests. These party accessories provide party-goers with hours of fun and will get everyone talking. Here are three tips when renting a Halloween bounce house inflatable in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Stay Safe

Did you know that 30 children a day -- that's one child every 45 minutes -- are injured after using a bounce house? If you want to hire an inflatable for your Halloween event, make sure you keep safe. Place your bounce house on a flat surface away from power lines and tree branches. Ask your guests to remove their glasses, shoes and jewelry before they jump on a bounce house inflatable, too. These safety tips will prevent accidents and injuries at your big event.

2. Book Ahead

If you want to avoid disappointment, book your Halloween bounce castle at the end of summer or beginning of fall. As Oct. 31 looms, more people in Milwaukee and Wisconsin hire Halloween-themed party accessories, so contact a party rental company before all their inflatables are booked. You might have to leave a deposit, but booking ahead will give you peace of mind.

3. Organize Games for Your Guests

A Halloween-themed bounce house provides party-goers with loads of fun. However, you can add to the enjoyment by organizing a few games for your guests. Why not host a jumping competition for child attendees, for example? You can give a spooky prize to the person who jumps the highest. Just remember to maintain safety at all times!

If you want to hire a Halloween bounce house, remember to book ahead and think up fun games for your guests. Don't forget to read up on safety precautions, either.

Looking for a Halloween bounce house in Milwaukee or Wisconsin? Here at Willie Fun Events, we have inflatables that will turn your next Halloween party into an event that your guests will remember for a long time. Our Halloween bounce house measures 13 feet x 13 feet x 13 feet and features a design with pumpkins, ghosts and witches. We also have a Halloween inflatable maze!