Silver Chiavari Chair Rental in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Madison, Wisconsin

Renting Silver Chiavari Chairs for Your Wedding or Event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Silver Chiavari chairs are synonymous with pomp and circumstance. Royal weddings, Presidential visits, grand banquets -- these Italian-created chairs are the top choice for the world's most prestigious events. It's no wonder, then, that you can find them in Buckingham Palace and the White House state dining room. While you might not have the budget of a member of the royal family, you can decorate your next event with these dazzling party accessories. Here are some ideas and tips for hiring silver Chiavari chairs in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Order Extra Chairs

Whether you're hosting a birthday party or corporate event, you can never have too many silver Chiavari chairs. If more people arrive at your event than you expected, you don't want to be scrambling around looking for additional seats. So hire a few extra chairs to be on the safe side.

The good thing is that Chiavari chairs are a lot lighter than you think -- they only weigh around 10 pounds -- making them easy to set up at your event and transport around your venue. You can stack any spares in the corner of the room until you need them.

2. Decorate Your Chairs

Silver Chiavari chairs are characterized by their elegant design, which evokes the style of an Italian country house. However, you can customize these accessories with a cushion or two in a color scheme that compliments the rest of your event venue. Alternatively, tie a balloon to a leg of a chair or decorate the back with a ribbon.

Don't forget to decorate your tables, too. Choosing table linen in the same color as your cushions will create a uniform look that your guests will love. Pick table centerpieces, like flowers and candelabras, and other Milwaukee party rentals that honor your color scheme as well.

3. Choose the Right Hire Company

There are several hire companies in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. However, you should be sure to pick one that will provide you with excellent customer service and great value for your money. This will ensure you get the best-quality silver Chiavari chairs for your next event.

Willie Fun Events is a full-service Milwaukee party rental company that specializes in party accessories like Chiavari chairs. Plus, delivery and pickup are included in the price, so you won't have to worry about fitting these items in your car.

Planning a big event? Look no further than Willie Fun Events. This company has Chiavari chairs in a wide range of colors, such as gold, white, black and, of course, silver. Click here to request a quote.

Silver chiavari chair rental in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin

Silver chiavari chair rental in Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin