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4 Milwaukee Chocolate Fountain Rental Ideas and Tips

Chocolate is one of America's favorite foods. The Midwest region is responsible for 24 percent of the country's total chocolate consumption, and Milwaukee is home to some of the nation's best chocolate shops. If you are organizing an event, renting a chocolate fountain will provide sweet-toothed guests with a delicious, indulgent snack. Not only will your chocolate fountain get everyone talking, but it will provide guests with the ultimate photo opportunity. Here are some ideas and tips for hiring a chocolate fountain for your event in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

1. Tell Your Guests About Your Chocolate Fountain

Don't keep it a secret -- tell your guests you are renting a chocolate fountain. Mentioning your chocolate fountain in your party invitations could increase interest in your event and boost attendee numbers.

Chocolate fountains have exploded in popularity recently and have become staples at events like birthday parties, wedding receptions and corporate events. You can make your chocolate fountain the centerpiece of your big event.

2. Choose the Right Location

Choose a good location to set up your chocolate fountain. A sturdy table in the corner of the room is your best option. This will prevent guests, especially young children, from accidentally knocking over the item.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, keep your chocolate fountain in a shady area, away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the chocolate could melt. Better still, keep it somewhere inside.

"Pick a location away from air conditioning ducts, swinging doors, dance floors, exterior doors, etc.," says "If you are at a facility that dictates where you need to set up, be assertive if the location is bad. Being directly under A/C ducts is awful as the cold air will actually cool the chocolate and it will start to harden and flow terribly."

3. Pick the Right Rental Company

Several rental companies in Wisconsin will let you hire a chocolate fountain for an upcoming event. However, you should choose one that provides you with excellent levels of customer service and value for money.

Willie Fun Events is a full-service rental company that specializes in Milwaukee party rentals like chocolate fountains. You don't have to worry about transporting your fountain to your event venue -- the company includes delivery and pickup in the rental price. You can also rent a large table for your chocolate fountain or other event accessories like movie screens and bars.

4. Lay Down Some House Rules

Chocolate fountains are a fun party accessory that your guests will love. You still need to lay down some house rules, though. For hygiene reasons, make sure guests don't dip food they have already eaten in the fountain, and keep plenty of fresh skewers on the surrounding table. You might also want to limit the amount of time your chocolate fountain is in operation. If you are hosting a wedding reception, for example, you can turn off your chocolate fountain during speeches and other formalities.

These are just four ideas and tips for renting a chocolate fountain in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. These fun party accessories make the ultimate addition to a social or corporate event and are sure to go down well with your guests.

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