Inflatable Axe Throwing Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Inflatable Axe Throw Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Years ago, escape rooms were the latest and greatest group event and party rage. In case you haven't heard you may be surprised to learn that there's a new crowd pleaser that's taking the country by storm: axe throwing. That's right, this old sport is experiencing a huge resurgence. There are even axe throwing leagues and axe throwing competitions and tournaments! Think of it as a unique spin on dart throwing or archery.

Kick Axe Fun for All Ages and Venues

While traditional axe throwing is, obviously, dangerous; needs to be practiced in a large, open, indestructible setting; and isn't appropriate for young children, there is good news if you'd like to get in on the fun without the risk of actual axes. Inflatable axe throwing games are ideal for parties, special events, or practicing for the real deal without the risk. Our  inflatable axe throwing set up lets you test your aim with a Velcro-lined inflatable axe and Velcro board. Like the real deal, the goal of our inflatable axe throwing game is to earn points by hitting the bull's eye or any of the circles surrounding it. The closer to the bull's eye you get, the more points you accrue.

Make the Axe Game the Focal Point of Your Own Inflatable Carnival!

Whether you are planning a block party, school carnival, corporate team building event, or the most epic child's birthday party, inflatables can make your event epic! If it has been awhile since you have rented an inflatable, you'll be shocked to see how many options you now have. Now we can provide you with an inflatable axe throwing game. We can also provide you with inflatables:

· Giant human hamster balls

· Obstacle courses

· Light up ferris wheel-themed bounce house, climbing structure and slide

· Hungry hippo games

· Sumo wrestling suits

· Horse race games

· Skee ball games

· Surfing games

· Mechanical bull riding games

These are just examples of the many inflatables we have available to make your next party or event a resounding success. Contact us today for more information on using our rentals to plan a Willie Fun Event! We serve Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Inflatable Axe Throwing game rental. Inflatable party rentals.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Inflatable Axe Throwing game rental. Inflatable party rentals.