Classic Arcade Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Arcade Game Rentals in Millwaukee, Wisconsin

The 80’s were all about big hair, dance music, and of course, classic arcade games. The era of video games erupted and turned into a pop culture phenomenon. Pac-man and Space Invaders quickly became crowd favorites because of their bright colors and the ability to be played by all. Today, you can bring the thrill of these classic arcade games to your own event. The latest trend in corporate events and parties is having that fun, retro, exciting element, something unique-- like classic arcade games. Not only is this a totally Instagram - able moment, but classic arcade games are just, well, really fun!

Free Play All Day

Unlike hosting a party at an arcade, our games can be put on free play mode so your guests can fully enjoy the nostalgic experience. That’s right, your guests can play Ms. Pacman, for free, as long as they’d like. Arcade game rentals are an exciting way to bring guests together of all ages, and maybe even get a little competitive too. We can deliver our games anywhere from Milwaukee, to Madison, but we aren’t totally limited to that area, don’t let it hold you back! We want your party to be tubular!

Games, Games, Games

We now what you’re thinking...what games do you have? Hold your breath, here it goes!

  • Ms. Pacman

  • Galaga

  • Frogger

  • Donkey Kong

  • Doney Kong Jr.

  • Donkey Kong 3

  • Galaxian

  • Dig Dug

  • Crush Roller

  • Mr. Do

  • Space Invaders

  • Pacman

  • Galaga 3

  • Gyruss

  • Tank Batallion

  • 1942

  • Ladybug

  • Burger Time

  • MappyClassic

  • Centipede

  • Millipede

  • Jr. Pacman

  • Pengo

  • Phoenix

  • Time Pilot

  • Super Cobra

  • Hustler

  • Space Panic

  • Super Breakout

  • New Rally X

  • Arkanoid

  • Qix

  • Juno First

  • Xeuisous

  • Mr. Do’s Castle

  • Moon Cresta

  • Pinball Acton

  • Scramble

  • Super Pacman

  • Bomb Jack

  • Shao-Lins Road

  • 1943

  • Van-Van Car

  • Pacman Plus

  • Dig Dug 2

  • Amidar

  • Zaxxon

  • Pooyan

  • Pleiads

  • Gun.Smoke

  • The End

  • 1943 Kai

  • Congo Bongo

  • Jumping Jack

  • Ms. Pacman 2

  • Galaga 2

  • Pacman 2

  • Jr Pacman 2

  • Pacman Plus 2

Looking for a game not listed? We can help. Just send us a message.

Milwaukee Arcade Game Rental, Wisconsin Arcade Game Rental

Milwaukee Arcade Game Rental, Wisconsin Arcade Game Rental