Claw Machine, Crane Machine Arcade Game Rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

A crane and claw machine rental in Milwaukee and Wisconsin may be the key to making your next fundraiser or celebration a standout event. Kids of all ages never get tired of putting their crane skills to the test in a quest for treasure. What do you need to know about the infamous crane and claw machine? 

What is a Crane and Claw Machine?

Chances are you’ve seen one even if you can’t quite picture it. In the world of arcades, the crane and claw machine is called a merchandiser because it displays prizes behind glass. 

The player drops a coin or token into the machine and then uses a joystick to manipulate a small crane with a claw. The goal is to pick up one of the prizes. At the end of the timed gameplay, if you have a prize trapped in the claw, it’s yours to keep. 

Prizes range for plush toys and novelties to jewelry and electronic devices. The better the prize the harder it is to grab. There are different versions of the game, some using only buttons and some allowing you more control over the claw movement. 

What is the History Behind This Arcade Rental in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? 

Crane and claw machines have been staples in arcades since back in the early 20th century. The game was inspired by images of the steam shovel working to excavate the Panama canal. The popularity of these games grew in the 1980s when popular stores and restaurants like featured them. Today, you still see them in lobbies all over the world. 

What Events Might Benefit From a Crane and Claw Machine Rental?

There are no limits when it comes to the crane and claw machine. You might consider it for a:

•          Birthday party

•          Wedding reception

•          Fundraiser

•          Launch party

•          Pop-up shop or restaurant

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is where many companies and organizations come for conferences, trade shows or conventions and a crane and claw machine rental adds excitement and a branding opportunity. The only requirement is a flat surface and a place to plug it in for power. 

What Goes Inside a Rented Crane and Claw Arcade Machine? 

You choose what to put in your machine based on the events. You might opt for stuffed animals and toys for a pop-up arcade at a carnival or birthday party. Trade shows might consider something industry-related like t-shirts, hats or coffee mugs. A more sophisticated event such as a casino night fundraiser would call for more refined prizes like mobile devices, electronics or jewelry. 

Your goal will be to have one or two top-dollar prizes that require the most skill along with larger sampling middle of the road prizes for the more practical gamer and then load the machine up with less expensive gifts that are the easiest to obtain. Most crane and claw arcade game rentals are customizable and programmable, as well. 

The crane and claw arcade machine has been drawing Milwaukee, Wisconsin crowds for decades. Put one at your next event for a little added fun. 

Claw Machine, Crane Machine Arcade game rental in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Appleton, and Green Bay Wisconsin

Claw Machine, Crane Machine Arcade game rental in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Appleton, and Green Bay Wisconsin