Event Carpet Rental in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay Wisconsin

Companies of all sizes should always be looking forward to special occasions. You know how important all your events are, so why not let the public know, as well? One that you can do this is by renting special event carpeting.

Event carpeting is a plush and premium type of flooring that can be rolled over any type of floor with minimal installation time and techniques required. This carpet can be placed indoors, outdoors, in open spaces, in hallways and pathways, and can be used during the day or night. It also can be placed on top of other carpeting. They can also span across stages, platforms, and others places where people stand and walk.

This kind of carpet is available to use in many different colors. You can choose from red, blue, purple, green, black, white, and dozens of other colors. Choose an event carpet that matches your corporate or team colors, or simply go with classic red to welcome special guests.

Why Rent Carpet For Your Event?

Event carpeting simply adds excitement to any event. Anyone who attends your event can instantly tell something big is bound to happen thanks to the use of this beautiful carpet. Event carpet can dramatically change the appearance of any area where you install it, making your venues look classier and geared for a fun and/or surprising day. Plus, if you host an annual event, renting event carpeting can impress your guests and make them more likely to attend again next year and beyond.

If you are looking to host an event in a place with distinctive features. You would like to have carpet cover those features to make it seem like you're at your very own venue in photos and videos. For instance, if you're hosting a press event at a school gym, event carpeting can hide that local basketball court appearance that might otherwise make you look out of place.

An event carpet can also help guests find their way to where all the fun and festivities are at; a trail of this carpet ensures that none of your attendees makes a wrong turn and strays off into darkness.

And of course, this carpet can protect the floor that it is placed over. You can decrease the likelihood of skid marks, scratches, stains, and other unsightly blemishes should you also rent out another building. This can save you a lot of time and stress having to restore any floor or carpet from another guest's feet a piece of equipment you need.

All in all, event carpets take your events to the next level. With many different types of carpets to choose from and little hassle before and after your event, getting an event carpet for your next big affair is a no-brainer.

Events That Use Event Carpeting:

Event carpeting can be used for many functions, whether hosted by families, companies, teams, local governments, or other groups of people. Here are some great examples of events that benefit from having some alluring event carpet.


When love is in the air, you'd want to have the perfect wedding with all the right professional touches. For weddings, you can get new carpet for the aisle in addition to the altar where the couple says their vows. Get an event carpet in white, black, red, blue, or purple, or choose a color that matches your wedding's theme. Each carpet color is designed to blend in nicely with existing themes inside any church or venue in town. Make sure your wedding doesn't start without the right event carpet fit for the occasion.

Trade Shows

It's crucial for your company to get as much attention as it can at a trade show. While banners and displayer are the essentials, you can go a step ahead by changing the floor of your entire exhibit. By having event flooring for rent, you can make your exhibit stand our from others and draw plenty of attention from guests. Having event flooring can also make your space look complete and on par with globally known companies and brands. A new floor can make attendees remember you and your company, leading to more clients and customers as a result.


Ceremonies come in many kinds: Award shows, honor nights, hall of fame ceremonies, roasts, you name it! If you're looking to host an entertaining night overall, you can invite your guests with event carpeting. You can rent carpet to use as an aisle-way leading up to the stage where speakers and recipients can receive their undivided attention, as well as provide your stage with a special pathway to the podium. With event carpeting, you can make everyone involved with your ceremonies feel much more special.

Press Conferences

Press conferences are always great moments in light of breaking, game-changing news, whether you've appointing a new executive, acquiring a smaller company, or are launching a new product or campaign. Event carpeting is great for setting the mood, whether on stage for presentations or in the hallway on the way to your conference room. Every instance of positive news should be treated like a joyous occasion, so why not rent some event carpeting.

Sporting Events

Event carpets also have the grandeur fit for sporting events. If your team is hosting a big football or basketball game, rent carpet in your team's colors that lead into your school or venue. Event carpet is also great for boxing, mixed martial arts, and pro wrestling events, whether it's at the entrance for the attendees or for competitors on their way to the ring or cage. You can also consider event carpeting for big game parties should Green Bay or your favorite team make it to the championship game.


Event carpeting is one major way that you can transform your special events into professional locations worth capturing on film and photo. Renting different colored carpeting is also proven to help you garner attention for your events and add pizzazz to any stage or walkway where you'd want big moments to feel special.

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Carpeting Rental for Events in Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, and Madison Wisconsin

Carpeting Rental for Events in Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, and Madison Wisconsin